10 Beauty Habits I wish I started when I was younger


10 Beauty Habits/Tips I wish I started when I was younger.

I can’t believe that I’m already 35 years old!
I have my beauty habits now, but I wish I started them a long time ago!  Like in my early 20’s or even younger!
So, hopefully you take my habits/tips and stick with them at an early age, so you don’t end up like me regretting that I didn’t do these at a younger age and stick to it.

These are the Top 10 Beauty Habits/Tips on the top of my head.  I’m sure I’ll add to this list at a later date.

1- Get enough rest!

They don’t call it Beauty Rest for no reason.
I know, I know… When I was younger, I was out on the town at the wee hours partying it up or late night studying and cramming in all the information I needed for that test in the morning.
On the weekends, I slept all day until it was time to get ready and go out!
Your body and sanity needs the rest.  When we don’t get enough sleep, our face is a sure thing that shows it first.  Saggy eye bags and dark circles.  Who wants that?  Not I, said the fly!
While we sleep, our skin is putting in work.  Our skin is renewing skin cells and rejuvenating itself.
So get seven to eight hours of sleep each and every night!  Get a plan together and think when is the best time to sleep.  Maybe after your favorite prime time show.

2- Moisturize your face with SPF in it

I grew up in Sunny Florida and I’m a total beach bum!  Let me tell you, I regret not doing this when I was younger!
If the sun is out and it’s nice and warm, I’m at the beach!  Where I’m from, we literally have white sands!
Even if you’re not in sunny Florida, moisturize your face with SPF in it.  Your skin will thank you when you’re older.
Know what type of skin you have.  Be it, normal, oily, or combination skin.  Get the right face moisturizer for your type.
Think of your skin as if it were leather.  When leather is outside in the sun, what happens to it?  It gets dry, starts to fade, and starts getting cracks.
Now who wants that?
You want to make sure your face has enough moisture for the elasticity of our ever so changing skin.

3- Brush your teeth

I’m pretty sure I have paid for some of my dentist’s vacations with all of my visits to the dentist!
I remember always arguing about not wanting to brush my teeth before bed.
I’m also a heavy coffee drinker.
The Crest’s saying, “If you’re not whitening, you’re yellowing.” is so true!!
Get in the habit of brushing your teeth at least two times a day and floss.
When I first meet a guy, their smile and teeth are always the first thing I look at.  So, I can assume that’s the first thing they’ll look at on me.
I just started using Colgate’s Optic White toothpaste, so I’ll give you my review on this toothpaste at a later date.

4- Along with moisturizing your face, moisturize your body.

Best time to lather that body lotion is right after you get out of the shower or bath.
Remember not to rub your body dry with your towel, but to pat yourself dry with your towel.
Keep that moisture in and put on your body lotion or a body oil like Avon’s Skin So Soft oil in original.  That’s my personal favorite.  It’s also good for keeping those pesky Florida mosquitoes away.

5- Exfoliate your body

I exfoliate my face skin once a week with a face exfoliator and I use my Clarisonic daily to make sure that the dead skin cells are washed off my face.  Also, use a dry brush for the rest of your body.  Nothing feels better than a nice smooth body after you shower and smooth on your lotion.
Exfoliated legs makes for a smoother and close shaving experience.
Exfoliating also helps with our blood circulation.

6- Wear sunglasses when it’s sunny outside.

Trust me on this one.  As I stated earlier, I’m a total beach bum even to this day.  The whites of my eyes are not as white as they should be.  Your eyes, just like your skin, needs to be protected from the sun.  The white of your eyes will start yellowing from sun damage.  So put on your fancy over-sized sunglasses and strut away!  Keep your eyes white!

7- Wash your face.

Wash your face once you wake up and again right before bed.
I know from experience on late night outings, the first thing I want to do is take my clothes off and jump in the bed to crash!
The last thing on my mind is washing my makeup off.
Two things happen when you don’t wash off your makeup before bed.
1) You’re not allowing your face to breathe and let your skin do it’s job by renewing the skin cells while you rest.
2) You’re transferring your makeup to your pillow case.
You ever notice that you’re always having to dust around your house?  Dust particles are in the air everywhere!  They’re just floating around until it falls onto a surface.  Your face is also a surface, so you want to make sure that we’re washing all that nastiness off our fresh skin.

8- Have good body posture!

I have the worst body posture.  I’m always slouching!  Now that I’m trying to get good body posture, it’s so unnatural and feels awkward to me.
Having good body posture makes you look more confident and professional.  It also helps prevent having a bad back and sore muscles all the time.
If you don’t have good body posture now, there’s some great exercises and tips that you can do.

9- Leave that zit alone!

I’ve been so bad at this one.  I can’t help but stare at that zit on my face in the mirror.  It’s like a mission to get rid of the thing.  But don’t fall to temptation to squeeze or pop it.  Just put a nice warm compress on it  and let it run its course.  If you fall to temptation, you’ll end up with the leftover scars and popped blood vessels.  If you let them be, you won’t have to go out later to purchase skin whitening cream for those dark scars.  They’re not cheap either.
If you’re having a breakout, schedule you an appointment with a dermatologist to get the proper care for your skin.  Everyone is different and there’s a ton of different products out there.

Last, but definitely not least.

10- Hydrate!

Drink plenty of water!  Your body and skin will thank you!
We’re always putting some type of toxin in our bodies, and the biggest way to get them out is by them excreting through the pores of our skin.
If we don’t get enough water intake, our bodies get dehydrated and fatigued.
Water for our bodies is like oil for a car.
We need it for our muscles to function and move around.  We need it to flush out all the toxins in our body.  We need it to regulate our body temperature.
This may sound disgusting but if your urine isn’t almost clear, you need to drink more water.
The more your body can get rid of those toxins the better our skin glows and feels!
So, Hydrate,  Hydrate, Hydrate!

Well, that’s all for now on my Top 10 beauty habits/tips to a youthful looking self.

I hope you seriously consider these for yourself and don’t wait like I did to make them habits.   It’s so much easier to prolong your youthfulness instead of trying to turn the time around to get it back.

Until next time Dolls




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