2 Men Products that Women Should Try

Men Products That Women Should Try

Nivea Men after shave as primer, Jack Black lip balm black tea & blackberry

The last two weeks I’ve been using two men products for my own personal beauty usage.  A lil tid bit of a story first…me and my man had a blow out a couple weeks ago and we didn’t speak for a week.  We don’t live together but we do stay at each other’s place often.  So he has men stuff at my house.  But the two items I bought that I’ve been using are things he doesn’t use. So, when we finally started speaking to each other I had to make sure that I told him those things actually belong to me before he thinks another guy has been over.

I use the Nivea Men Aftershave Balm as a base primer before I apply my foundation.  It has glycerin in it so the foundation sticks to the balm and throughout the day my foundation stays put without shifting and having its own mind.

It does have a manly smell to it.  I don’t mind it at all.  It actually smells like Irish Spring.  My guy uses Irish Springs body wash so it automatically made me think of him every morning I applied the Nivea Aftershave Balm.  It smells so good.  To this day, after he takes a shower I always tell him he smells good.

The scent does wear off so worry not.  You won’t be smelling like a man all day.

My foundation stays flawless throughout the day until I wash my face.  The Nivea Mens Aftershave Balm bottle has 100 ml’s of product for only $6-7.  HELLO!! SCORE!!

The second mens product that I’ve been using is the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 in Black Tea & Blackberry.

It’s a squeeze tube that for me takes a little more squeeze to it.  It’s a little rough to squeeze out but at the same time, you won’t be squeezing out too much product.  You can tell it’s container is made for a man.

It’s pretty pricey for a lip balm but I fell in love with it.  This and my Tatcha Gold Camellia Lip Balm are my go-to lip balms now.  Both are pricey but oh so worth it!

I’m sure there’s other men products out there that us women can use in our daily beauty routines. Have you used any men products for your own personal use?  Do tell!!  I’m always down to try new things.

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