September Favorites

September Favorites

My September Favorites

I can’t believe September is coming to an end already!

Here are my September Favorites!

To start off, Urban Decay’s Vice 2 palette.  OMG Urban Decay has outdone themselves with this one!  I’m loving EVERY color that is in here!  The color payoff on each and every color is amazing.  They are so easy to blend and you don’t have to use a lot of product on your eyelids. It is a MUST HAVE for any makeup lover! 20 AMAZING shades for only $59.

My next favorite are the EOS lip balms. I always wanted to know what all the hype was about the little round egg-shaped balms. they do look super cute. They have several flavors for only about $2.99.  When I start putting on my makeup for the day, I start off with this to make sure my lips are nice and hydrated.   I catch myself putting this on throughout the day cause it’s just so soothing for my lips. They are another MUST HAVE especially for the fall season.  They’re also a good stocking stuffer for the Christmas season. Go out and get some! You can buy them individually or in packs.

My last two items are from the same brand.

Macadamia’s Deep Repair Hair Masque & Heating Oil pump.

As you may, I changed my hair color to Honey Blond.  So with putting my hair through that process,  I’m making sure that I take care of my hair from the damage of coloring it.  I absolutely love the smell of these products and how they have been maintaining the health of my strands.  They are quite on the expensive side but they do the job and my hair is most definitely worth it.  They also have the spray, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo spray and many more, but these are my two favorites.

So there are my September Favorites!

I have my September empties coming soon.

Until then, Stay beautiful,  gorgeous,  and healthy!

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Transformers Construct Bots mommy’s 1st impression

As  in one of my earlier posts I pointed out that I have a 6 yr young son.

My lil knit family is part of a group that does reviews for companies. My son gets all the new toys that come out.  He’s latest is what he received today in the mail.

My daughter and I told him that a company was sending him peanut butter crackers to review. He wasn’t all that thrilled then I told him that we were just playing and that they were sending something super good!!

That day has came and he tore into the box like it was Christmas.

Transformers Construct Bots

In the box was the new Transformers Construct Bots and some coupons to give to friends.

He just looked at me and said, “Peanut Butter crackers huh.” with a crazy looking grin.

It comes with the two main characters,  Megatron and Optimus Prime.  It comes with a total of 135 pieces for them to create them. They both come in two separate containers for easy storage and clean up.

My son started creating and didn’t even blink when I said dinner was ready.

I let him go back at it with the Transformers after he was done with dinner then I had to tell him to put it up so he can take a shower and get all of his things ready for school tomorrow.  That’s when I received the “evil eye”. But he’ll get over it, maybe? 😉 There’s always tomorrow, I tell him.

What I love about this 1st off is that it was sent to him for free to create, play, and review.  If you’re a single momma, every lil bit helps. Did I mention it retails around $35.00.

2nd thing I love, is that he goes off into his imaginary world of creativity to recreate these bots however he chooses.

3rd thing, it keeps him occupied and away from the television or electronic games and keeps him in the house. You know, the things we did as young ones back in the day.

4th thing is, coordination with hands, fingers, eyes, etc. The thought processes.

5th thing is, easy cleanup for later, that is if they didn’t kick and move things around under the couches. They come with two storage containers to store them.

So those were my Pros for the time being.  Now off to the Cons.

Having 135 pieces for both products if not cared for, will end up missing.

Another is, not having more time in the day on weekdays to finish his new creations.

So that’s my 1st impression on the new Transformers Construct Bots.

You can get yours at if you have lil munchkins here.

I do have 3 coupons for $8 off if anyone is interested in the states.

Just let me know.

Now if I can only receive some beauty products,  which are my passion, I would be a HAPPY MOMMA!

Be Blessed and hold, kiss, and tell your loved ones that you LOVE them.

Zoya’s Zenith Fall Nail Collection

Zoya Zenith’s Nail Collection for Fall 2013

I can’t wait for my nails to get ahold of these babies!


Harmonious Cosmic Color for Winter/Holiday 2013
These are the epitome of Fall/Winter colors!


  • ZP689 – Seraphina: Polaris Silver Metallic. Full Coverage Formula.
  • ZP687 – Cassedy: Celestial Pewter Metallic. Full Coverage Formula.
  • ZP678 – Belinda: Cosmic Purple Metallic. Full Coverage Formula..
  • ZP688 – Payton: Galactic Cranberry Halo. Full Coverage Formula.
  • ZP686 – Dream: Deep Space Blue Halo. Full Coverage Formula.
  • ZP643 – Mosheen: Astro Ice Blue Topper – great for layering over other hues.

Zoya Zenith Collection
$8.00 ea. (US)
Available October

Mothers Alone time… Do they really exist?

alone time in the bathroom

Do those really exist? Alone time for a mother is important and rare.

I’m a mother of a 6 year young son and a 13 year young daughter. I love being a mother, don’t get me wrong but I also love to have a little “me time“. Being a single mother, I cherish those times.

When do we really have those times? The only times I really have those is when I’m taking a shower and I have to lock the door or when I’m sleeping. Even when I’m sleeping,  I’m really not alone because my son sleeps in my room most of the times. I know I’m not alone in that. 

We all know, for some reason when we want to get on the phone and chat with our friends, it’s like an emergency flare goes in the air and the kids come running to you with a hundred questions.

Sometimes we just need that 15-30 minute break for just ourselves. Light a candle and relax.

I have a stereo in my bathroom so I can jam out in the shower and no one will see.

In this day in age, we are always on the go and with kids, we are even more on the go. Places to go, people to see, their friend’s birthday parties, sports, games, shopping, etc.

So those little 15-30 minute breaks are just what I look forward too in the evenings when I just want to relax or go dancing in the shower and pretend that I can sing good. 🙂

Another way I can get alone time is when I’m doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen. We all know that our children run for the hills when we ask if they would want to help folding clothes or wash the dishes.

I don’t even get to handle my business in the bathroom without my kids coming in and trying to strike up a conversation.  What they need to do is strike a match, if you know what I mean.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Have you found other ways to have “me time“?

If you have other ways, please comment below.

How do you spend your “Mommy alone time“?