Zoya Naturel Nail Polishes Review pt 1

Zoya Naturel nail collection Spring 2014

I recently received my Zoya’s Naturel nail polish collection this past Saturday and boy was I EXCITED!!

The first 3 colors that I will discuss today are:

Rue: Boudoir blush cream
Brigitte: Bombshell mauve cream
Odette: Sultry maroon cream

This is what I created with these colors.

Zoya Naturel nail collection FilipinaMacBarbie

Is it a HIT or MISS?
(Tell me the truth.)

I have 2 coats of Brigitte on then the darker dots in the middle is in the color Odette and lighter dots around is in the color Rue.

I am IN LOVE with this set.

To make the dots, I just used the ends of a bobby pin.

Now lets talk about the polish itself.

The formula consistency of these three are slightly creamy medium thick, which I love.  They don’t streak and they glide on evenly. They also dry pretty quick.

I tend to paint my nails and try to do absolutely nothing for a while.

My kids know not to ask me to get anything while my nails are drying.

I am super impressed with these three.

My skin complexion is olive/tan and these shades look perfect against my skin.

Here are a few more pictures.

Zoya Naturel collection FilipinaMacBarbie 2

Zoya Naturel collection FilipinaMacBarbie

Zoya Naturel collection FilipinaMacBarbie 3

You can purchase the full Zoya Naturel nail polish collection set with 6 colors or order them individually here.

I cannot express enough how much I LOVE these.

If I could only have one set of colors to choose for the rest of my life, it will be this Naturel collection.

There are so many different ways that you can wear these.
You can wear the color shades by themselves, you can mix match them, layer them, etc.

If you haven’t already received you Zoya Naturel nail polish collection,  then I highly recommend you do so.
I’m telling y’all,  y’all are missing out if you don’t get your hands on these.

I don’t know if these will be here to stay but if anyone wants to get me any gifts, I wouldn’t mind having a few sets of these.  Because if they don’t go into their regular collection and they sell out, I will cry and suck my thumb in a corner.  I’m jus’ sayin’!

Alight Dolls, until next time….

Zoya Naturel nail collection FilipinaMacBarbie

Is this a HIT or MISS to you?



Favorite lipsticks

*Every once in a when I will ask y’all what are your favorites or tips.Everyone is different from race, skin tone, skin condition,  what we like/dislike, etc.
I think this will be fun and we’ll get to learn altogether!
Feel free to answer any question and share to see what your friends thoughts are as well.


I want to know…..

What is your favorite lipstick, lip stain, or lipgloss shade?

I love MAC’s Angel during the Spring/Summer and right now I’m loving and wearing MAC’s Diva and Endless Drama every day!

Lipsticks MAC

So Dolls,

What is your favorite lipstick, lip stain, or lipgloss shade?





NARS 2014 Spring Collection Final Cut

Who’s ready to see NARS NEW Spring Collection?

It’s all about pink, pink, and more pink!!


NARS Spring Final Cut 2014 Collection

Release Date: Jan/Feb 2014

Nars Spring Collection 2014 set FilipinaMacBarbie

I love me some PINK!!

Of course there’s peachy pink too.

• NARS Illuminator

• Blushes

• Satin lip pencils

Until next time Dolls

Are you ready to add these to your collection?