Lost without my cell phone

This picture has been going around the internet like crazy.  I’m just glad I’m not the only one lost without my phone.

lost without my phone

So who else is like me and when you want to know the time you always pull out your phone to check?

I’m in pharmacy,  so I’m always doing calculations throughout the day.   Also, just everyday math, you guessed it…..I pull out my phone.

I barely know my own phone number,  so to remember others, oh buddy!  You guessed it….I pull out my phone.

Don’t know what day it is?? Just pull out your phone and get on the calendar.  😉 Put your reminders in there for appointments,  birthdays,  anniversaries,  etc.

Without my phone, I wouldn’t be able to sit out in my truck and text my friends letting them know I’m out there waiting.  Lol

Oh, and pictures!!!! Without my phone, I wouldn’t be able to take pictures to post on here, selfies, (Come on, everyone takes selfies), take a picture of your food at the restaurants,  funny pictures, etc.

Without my phone, I wouldn’t have the 3 alarms making sure I get out of bed for work!

I’m in Florida,  so you know when it’s storming outside and the electricity goes out, I have to use my phone to find my way around the house.

Now with all that said, who else would be lost without their phone?

Until next time Dolls,