DIY Nail Polish Container

DIY Nail Polish Container

nail polish containers

Ever wonder what to do with all those GlossyBox monthly beauty subscription boxes?

I’ve been wanting to purchase a nail polish wall rack for a while now, but when I was in my Beauty Cave this morning, I just kept looking at my GlossyBox boxes and the light bulb in my head popped up.  Make my nail polish rack from those boxes! Lids and all!

First I opened all my GlossyBoxes

nail polish diy

Got some nails that I found in my garage and the hammer.

diy holder

Saw the wall I wanted to use as the background and thought how I wanted to set up the boxes on the wall.

diy nail polish holder

I did it this way, that way I can use the tops of the other boxes below as shelves too.  You can use as many as you want to cover your walls to create your own nail polish racks.

This is my creation!

diy nail polish

There you have it!  Your easy DIY Nail Polish rack!

Zero cost!!

You can use any boxes you have.  These are cute because it has its own little background in the boxes already.

So what do you think??