Zoya Odette and Rue nail polish

Zoya Nail Polish in Odette and Rue

ZoyaNailsinNaturel@zoyanailsfilipinamabarbie#zoyanails#zoyainnude#zoyanude#zoyanaturelZoya Odette Naturel

I painted every other nail either in Zoya Odette or Zoya Rue.
Then I put different sized dots with the opposite colors.  I drew a little heart on my middle fingers for the Month of Love.

It’s the little things that make me smile, like painting and designing my nails.

What designs have you created with the Zoya Naturel Spring Collection?


Filipina Mac Barbie


Ipsy February 2014

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Who is ready for the February Ipsy 2014 bag??

I know I am!!

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I absolutely love the Zoya nail polishes.  Plus I can’t wait to try the POP lip plumping lip gloss.

Can you guess what the other products are??


Filipina Mac Barbie


Valentines Nail Art

Zoya Purity nails

Valentines Nail Art

The weekends are the only time I can really play with nail polish because at work I have to wear neutral colors in uniform.

Since Valentines Day is coming up, I wanted to play around and see what I could come up with.

This is a super quick and simple design.

I used Zoya’s Purity nail polish for the white and I drew a little heart on my ring finger with Sally Hansen’s Red my Lips for the red.

So if you want something simple yet cute, I think this will do.

Nail Polish Red my LipsPurity Zoya

What do you think?




Singles Guide for Valentines Day

Singles Guide for Valentine’s Day

Singles Valentines

Singles Guide for Valentine’s Day.

For us Single Ladies, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day to remind ourselves that we’re single.

Here’s 12 things to do on Valentine’s Day.

Plan a “Secret Valentine’s” Party
Just like “Secret Santa”, ask your friends who wants to participate and put names in a hat and have people pick a Secret Valentines.
You’ll have fun shopping for your Secret Valentines and you’ll also get a Secret Valentines gift.

Grab your best Single Guy Friend
Ask your best guy friend out for a platonic Valentines Lunch or Dinner date.
You already enjoy each others company and you don’t have to spend it alone.  Cheer each other up with each others company.

Have a Spa Day
Invite your other single lady friends and have a Mani/Pedi Spa Day.
Get pampered and gossip with all your friends!

Movie Night
Rent some of your favorite chic flicks or your favorite horror movies.
You can either have a movie night alone or invite your friends over.  Get your popcorn maker and wine opener out and enjoy the night on the couch with some great movies!

Single Momma Day with the Kiddos
If you have kiddos at home, make your favorite dish with your kiddos help.  Have them decorate your dining room table and don’t forget to get them some “Kid Wine” as I call it and get your favorite wine.  Enjoy the true meaning of Love, the unconditional love for your kiddos and family time.

Go to the Gym
Order you a custom shirt that says, “I’m Single” and grab your favorite book or magazine and go to the gym!  Get on the elliptical machine or treadmill and have fun.  I’m sure with all the single guys there at the gym, you won’t be single for long when they see your shirt!

Try a New Recipe
Try that new recipe at home that you’ve been wanting to make and drink your favorite wine while cooking.

Treat Yourself to some Shopping
Go to your favorite shops and buy you a new outfit, makeup, jewelry, shoes, or handbag  that you’ve been drooling over.  At least you know you’ll get what YOU want!

Painting class with Wine
Painting and Wine shops have been popping up everywhere lately.  Find your local Painting and Wine class and bring a friend with you.  Create your own painting and enjoy the wine with it.

Redecorate your Bedroom
Face it, we love to decorate.  Go into your bedroom and visualize the redecorating changes you want to do and have at it.  You’ll be so preoccupied by rearranging your bedroom furniture and redecorating you’ll forget your single and you’ll love the end result of your freshly done redecorating bedroom.  Oh yea, don’t forget to drink some wine.  😉

Have a Fashion Show
Invite all your single friends over and have a Fashion Show Shoot at home!  Tell them to bring some of their favorite outfits and shoes.  Have one of your friends be the makeup artist, another one to be the Hairdresser and one of them to be the Photographer.
Have fun pampering each other and pose for the camera!

Have a Spa Day at Home
Pamper yourself with a nice hot bubble bath at home with wine and a great book.  Soak in the bubbles, sip on your wine, and enjoy reading your favorite book.  Listen to some soft music in the background and close your eyes while relaxing in the bubbles.  Let the worries of the world slip by and enjoy some “ME TIME” alone.

Those are some things to do for us Single Ladies on Valentines.  I hope you enjoy and tell me all about your Valentine’s Day!

Until next time Dolls

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Add to the list if you have other things we could do!