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BA STAR Eye Shadow Palette Review

BA ★ STAR sent me one of their new eye shadow palettes and their eye shadow base for my very active daughter to try out.


If you have your daughters, yourself, nieces, cousins, sisters, or friends in dance, cheerleading, or anything they have to perform,  then this is the cosmetics you want to get for them.
They’re highly pigmented and long-lasting.  Which is a plus since you’re moving, shaking, and building up a sweat.
There’s 2 different palette combinations: Midnight Smokey and Natural.
The one we received is the Natural palette.
The individual colors themselves don’t have their own names.
BA STAR Swatches
Here are some swatches
BA STAR Strut your stuff on stage, on the runway or at play! BA STAR is the #1 makeup for performers, dancers, & cheerleaders.
BA STAR Swatches
As you can tell these are super pigmented and sparkly!  ATTENTION GRABBERS!
These will most definitely make you shine like a STAR!
My daughter has been having fun putting them on.
BA STAR Swatches
She loves the silver shade because it makes your eyes pop right out at ya!
For only $8.75, this is well worth it!
You’ll have the palette last for probably two (2) seasons!
BA STAR Swatches
So get your CHEER and DANCE on with these BA STAR performance makeup palettes!
Strut your stuff on stage, on the runway or at play! BA STAR is the #1 makeup for performers, dancers, & cheerleaders.

9 Must Have MAC Pink lipsticks

As I was going through my MAC lipstick organizer, I decided to show you my 9 MAC Pink Must Haves lipsticks.

Every female needs a great Pink lipstick in their collection.  I just so happen to have 9 great MAC Pink lipsticks to choose from.

MAC Pink must have lipsticks

The pink MAC shades I chose are:

◆ Viva Glam Gaga ◆ Viva Glam Nicki ◆ Pink Nouveau ◆ Pervette ◆ Peach Blossom ◆ Angel ◆ Blankety ◆ Saint Germain ◆ Snob ◆

◆ Viva Glam Gaga (Lustre) is a slightly cool-toned, bubblegum pink with a glossy finish

◆ Viva Glam Nicki (Satin) is a medium pink with subtle yellow undertones to make it up as a pop of coral

◆ Pink Nouveau (Satin) is a cool-toned, blue based light medium pink with a creamy finish

◆ Pervette (Glaze) is a soft bright pink with violet opalescent shimmer

◆ Peach Blossom (Cremesheen) is a frosted cool pink nude

◆ Angel (Frost) is a soft pink with a subtle frost finish

◆ Blankety (Amplified) is a pinky beige nude

◆ Saint Germain (Amplified) is a light cool pink

◆ Snob (Satin) is a light neutral pink

MAC Pink must have lipsticks

MAC Pink must have lipsticks

If you have guy friends, boyfriends,  husbands,  or significant others,  they may wonder why we have so many different pink lipsticks.  As you can tell by the pictures, they are all different in one way or another.

I tend to buy MAC lipsticks because of their long-lasting staying power.

My HOLY GRAIL Pink lipstick is MAC Angel.  During the Spring or Summer times, this is my every day pink lipstick for work.  Match it with a nice smokey eye and all is gorgeous!!  I love the way that it has a vanilla scent to the lipstick too.  I usually always smell it before I apply it on my lips.

MAC Pink must have lipsticks

As you can tell, I love my different shades of MAC pink lipsticks.

What pink lipsticks do you rock on your lips?



Filipina Mac Barbie

Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches Review

I received the 3 set pack of the Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches from my February’s GlossyBox.

I decided to give it a try this morning and give you my review and show you the before and after pictures of me using the Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches.

February GlossyBox

On the back of the box it say’s:

You know the blood curdling screams you hear in horror films when vampires sink their teeth into the white fleshed necks of virginal nieces of the 18th century noblemen?  Well, they’re the same blood curdling screams that can be heard when young ladies (as this is the 21st century, let’s skip the virginal bit) who have bitten off more than they can chew part wise, stare in the mirror at their pale, drawn complexions and baggy, tiredeyes.  If you’re one such young lady and have always wished there was a product to make you look less (un) dead, then these collagen under eye patches are the Count’s (as in Dacula) cojones.

Now when I woke up, I definitely looked in the mirror and said, “Oh Hell naw! I have to do something about these bags!”

I remembered that I just received these in my GlossyBox,  so I grabbed them and put them on.  You’re supposed to wear them for 30 minutes.

Here’s the Before Picture…… (Not my best moment)

Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches

Here’s with the patches on…. (Be careful when you open it, because the juices spilled on my desk.)

Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches

And 30+ minutes laters……..

Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches Review

As you can tell, there is absolutely NO difference.

Maybe it’ll work for you, but in my personal experience,  it did NOT work for me.

So my verdict is to not waste your beauty money on this product.

Here’s a side by side, or really a top to bottom view of the Before & After Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches.

Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches Review

Save your money Dolls!!

I won’t be purchasing the Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches.

Until next time Dolls

What do you use for your under eye bags?


Filipina Mac Barbie

Filipina Mac Barbie

MAC Summer 2014 Collection

Look who has joined the MAC cosmetics family.

Kelly and Sharon Osborne

This summer, launching in the states in June and International in August.

By these promotional photos,  what do you think the color themes will be?

MAC Cosmetics Summer 2014 collectionMAC Cosmetics Summer 2014 collection

I can’t wait to see all the colors they will create for us MAC lovers!

Until next time Dolls

Are you looking forward to the Summer 2014 MAC collection by Sharon & Kelly Osborne?



Filipina Mac Barbie


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