Beauty Blogger Spotlight #2

This weeks Beauty Blogger Spotlight goes to Beth and Beauty!

Her passion for Beauty and experimenting has brought her to create her own beauty corner of the world!

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Name & Age:

Beth Graves  & 49 years young!

Blog name & URL:

Beth and Beauty ♥

Beauty Blogger

How did you come up with your blog name?

Honestly, I have always had trouble with my self-esteem and I had never associated Beth with the word Beauty. So I decided to use this name so every time I typed it or shared the name, I would be reminding myself that I am beautiful. I may not be as beautiful as you, but I am as beautiful as me. I heard this saying from a you tuber I watch, Karen Maitland, and it has really stuck with me.

When did you start blogging & Why did you start?

I started January 6, 2014. I started my blog to for once in my life to take the risk and put myself out there and to share my passion I seemed to have found within the last couple of years with makeup or anything beauty related. I wanted to do this to help any other lady out there that is 40+ years old to realize that it is never to late do things to make yourself feel better about yourself whether it is just as simple as putting a little makeup on or learning how to accept yourself with your flaws. We all have them. I want to actually share beauty tips for the real woman, not the woman who society has made so many us believe what we have to look like in order to be a real woman, with no flaws. I also wanted to share my weight loss journey for the last couple of years and how I lost 120 pounds.

What is your favorite part of being a blogger?

I guess I would have to say my favorite part is just to get to share the joy of new beauty tips that I have learned that has worked for me. Also getting to share my excitement over new beauty products I have found. I really love when someone leaves me comments on a blog post because I love finding new friends to talk to about the things I love, because so many of my friends that is not my “online friends” are not so into beauty products and tips as I am.

What keeps you inspired to blog?

This is a hard one but a question that has come to me at the right time. I recently had to take a short 3 day break from blogging because I got so caught up in the stats that it was making my anxiety worse. While on this break I seen people still coming, reading and commenting on my blogs posts and that is what has inspired me to continue to blog. It made me feel like I have made a difference in someones day. That is why I want to continue, I want to try to put a smile of someone’s face that hasn’t smiled in a while and make them remember why they are special and can make a difference no matter their age.

Do you have regular beauty blogs that I read?

Yes, I read: Hello Pretty Little Bird, Slashed Beauty, Beauty Broadcast, MissCrystalMakeup, Maskcara are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. I try to make time every week to try to add to my blogging list through Bloglovin and Google +.

What is your HOLY GRAIL beauty product and why?

It would have to be my Anastasia Brow Kit and the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. I have never been able to make my eyebrows look decent until I went to an Anastasia Brow Studio and one of their stylist waxed and shaped my brows. She not only did this but she showed me how to define my brows with these products. I never knew how much your eyebrows can make on your face.

Is there a beauty product that you’ve tried and will never try again? Why?

Yes!!! I tried the Sally Hansen Face Hair Removing Cream and Ohhhh!! Myyyy!! Gooosh!! I thought my face was going to burn off. I have sensitive skin and it took a few days for my face to actually not hurt. I think they should have named it Sally Hansen Face Remover Cream. I will stick to just shaving those fine little hairs…..LOL!!

If you could go back in time to 5 years ago, what beauty tip would you give yourself?

Always wash off my makeup before I go to bed and use some type of night and day cream on my face.

What piece of advice would you give to new inspiring beauty bloggers?

To make sure you really have the passion for it. To realize it takes a lot of time and hard work. MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT GET TO CAUGHT UP WITH YOUR STATS AT FIRST!!!!

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Beauty Blogger Filipina Mac Barbie

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette


I’m so freaking excited to let my Beauty Dolls know that the Hourglass Ambient Lighting is now BACK permanently!!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

If you weren’t able to get the Hourglass Palette during the Holiday Limited Edition period, just like I wasn’t able too, then I’m sure you’re going to be excited that this palette is now a permanent addition to the Hourglass Beauty World!

Since I wasn’t able to get this palette,  I had to buy the individual Dim Light and Radiant Light.

Create your perfect light with this palette featuring three shades of Ambient Lighting Powder. Each of the high-tech, soft-focus finishing powders recreates an exquisitely flattering light source. The powders can be applied individually or layered to imbue skin with a multidimensional glow.



DIM LIGHT: A neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.

INCANDESCENT LIGHT (EXCLUSIVE TO THE PALETTE): An opalescent pearl powder that brightens the complexion with a
celestial glow.

RADIANT LIGHT: A sun-kissed golden beige that enhances the overall complexion with believable, subtle warmth, and also extends a summer glow.

Available now at Hourglass and available at Sephora on April 15th, 2014!!
I’m just a little excited if you couldn’t already tell.
Who else is about to order this beauty?
Beauty Blogger Filipina Mac Barbie

Detoxing Deep Sea Mud Mask Beauty Review

Adovia Mineral Skin Care Purifying Mud Mask with Pure Dead Sea Mud, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C

That was a mouth full to say and type.

Adovia Purifying Mud Mask

Size and Price

150 ml/ $30

What Skin type is it for?
For all skin types.
I have oily/acne prone skin
What its supposed to do?
  • Facial Mask Tightens and Purifies Pores leaving Clear, Younger Complexion
  • Dead Sea Mud Quickly Reduces Acne and Pimples
  • Over 21 Minerals Present in Dead Sea Mud Mask help to keep skin healthier and act as acne treatment 

Avovia’s unique Purifying Mud Mask is formulated with Dead Sea Black Mud, Beeswax, and a deeply moisturizing combination of Jojoba oil, Evening Primrose oil and Olive oil.  This natural mask boosts cell renewal and revitalizes your skin, while tightening your pores.  As the mask dries, it gently pulls out toxins and impurities known to clog pores and cause visible signs of aging.   The presence of Dead Sea mud infuses your skin with needed minerals while  firming it and improving elasticity.   Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts, soothe and calm your skin while Vitamins A and C leave it looking fresh and renewed.

It’s in a basic white tube with a ombre blue effect on half of the front side.
Thick, yet smooth, sage green mud mask.
Your typical mud mask scent. Pleasant enough to place near your sniffer.  Not over-powering.
How to apply
The way I apply mud masks on my face is with a foundation brush.  It doesn’t get on my fingers so it doesn’t make a mess and I can control the coverage.  In my opinion, this is the best way to get an even coverage with no messy leftover.
I left it on for the suggested 20 minutes.
Would I recommend? 
Final Thoughts:
I’ve used this for a month so far.  I always do a weekly mud mask on my face since I have oily skin.  I want to make sure I get a good deep cleaning of my pores.
Unlike my GlamGlow Super Mud, you don’t see the oil pulling from this mask, but once you rinse it off, you can see your pores nice and cleared.
You can feel the tightening of your skin afterwards.  I let my skin breathe for a while before I apply a face moisturizer.
This may sound gross, but I know that it works because after I rinse it off, where I have active acne; clear pus-like oozing occurs.
Yea it sounds pretty gross, but I know that the mud mask cleared those pores and now that it’s unblocked, that nasty gunk can come out.
Where to buy?
How often do you use a Mud Mask?
Beauty Blogger Filipina Mac Barbie

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Y’all know that I’ll give you the dowmn and dirty on all beauty products that I’ve tested.

Bulu Box Healthy Twist to Monthly Subscription boxes

Disclosure: I received the March Bulu Box to try out and give my review on it.

For all my Healthy Beauty Dolls, today is a little twist to my regular monthly beauty boxes.  I received the March Bulu Box, which is a monthly health box filled with different “health conscious” products.

Bulu Box

Products Included:

  • Body Glove Surge Gel
  • Beauty Bursts
  • Rootology
  • Mediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 Go
  • Smart Pants Adult Multi Vitamins

Body Glove Surge Gel is the first all-natural energy gel specially designed to extend endurance and give you lasting energy so you can maximize every workout.

Beauty Bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in delectable,  gourmet soft chews.  Beauty Bursts contain collagen type 1 & 3 to firm and smooth the skin while also improving hair and nails.

Rootology is the best blend of concentrated herbal extracts that work individually and in concert with one another to immediately support nasal, sinus and eye health for dramatic seasonal allergy relief without a prescription. Stay healthy to stay active.

Mediterranean Snack Tapaz 2 Go is a way to beat the temptation to hit up the drive-thru.  Tapaz 2 Go’s single serve pouch of lentil crackers paired with protein-rich hummus.  This convenient gluten-free, non-GMO mini-meal will come to your grumbling tummy’s rescue.

Smarty Pants Adult Multi Vitamins are so tasty that you’ll never want to miss taking your daily vitamins.  It’s a all-in-one, gummy vitamin that also contain added Omega-3’s and Vitamin D to keep your body running at peak performance.

BSN N.O -XPLODE produces maximum energy and puts your body into manual over-drive.  With intensified focus, power and performance, N.O -XPLODE produces maximum efficiency during your workout and incredible pump.  Increase your training standards and increase your fitness output with this delicious mix!

Help reach your health and fitness goals with monthly motivation from Bulu Box! Bulu Box is the first health and wellness sample box. Each month of your subscription you will receive 4-5 premium vitamin and supplement samples to try within your lifestyle. Share your thoughts about each product in our sample surveys and you can earn 50+ Rewards Points (that’s $5!) each month! Use your points to purchase your new favorites in full size at! Here you’ll also get expert tips, tricks and a supportive community of Bulugans just like you! Join the discovery and find a healthier you!

I received the March Bulu Box for free using The best product that I enjoyed the most was the Smarty Pants Adult Multi Vitamin. You really have to remember that it’s a vitamin instead of some sour candy though.