Zoya Mira and Hayden Swatches

Oh how I love me my Zoya Nail Polishes!

Zoya is such a genius with creating these for me to have in my life!

These photos of Zoya Mira and Zoya Hayden are taken from different lightnings from outside to inside in my house.

Zoya Haydenzoya miraZoya Mira nail polishzoya mirazoya mira and zoya haydenzoya Hayden nail polishzoya mirazoya mira polishhayden zoya polish pinkhayden zoya pink polish

I have on two coats of each Zoya Mira and Zoya Hayden on.  I chose to have Zoya Hayden as my accent nail and overlayed it with a gold glittery nail polish as the top coat. I also bought some new little brushes to design with.  Excuse the “I don’t know what to draw” thingys on them LOL.

I just love how creamy these are to make the opaque true to the bottle color.

Zoya Mira nail polish is a blue toned medium purple with dusty lavender tones and an opaque cream finish. For a muted yet colorful purple that isn’t too dark.

Zoya Hayden is an nearly-neon bright bubblegum pink with strong violet shimmer and subtle silver microglitter. Fun, girly, flashy and always flattering.

When you buy a Zoya nail polish, there’s no doubt that your end result will be the exact color thats in the bottle each and every time!

Stay tuned for more Zoya nail polish swatches, because I have TONS of them coming!

Whats your favorite Zoya nail polish color?


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