Nail Polish Struggles Just Got Real

The Nail Polish Struggle JUST GOT REAL!

Alright my Beauty Dolls, am I the only one that has nail polish struggles?

You know they say an hour before you go to sleep you should find a way to unwind? So sometimes my dummy self figures, let me just go ahead and paint my fingernails. To me I find painting my nails is relaxing. Then I watch TV and somehow fall asleep before I even notice. Then the morning arrives, I look at my nails and this is what I see…

nail polish struggle

The nail polish struggle JUST GOT REAL!!

First thought in my head is, “DAMNIT BEAVIS!”

I know I can’t be the only person that this happens to right? Or am I alone in this? Urg!! I just want to give myself one of those, “You should have had a V8!” moment slaps to the forehead!

Now, I gotta go to work with my nails looking crazy and hope that no one sees!  But if they do notice, I’m just gonna say, “Yea, this is that new leaf texturing details! You aint know it’s the new thing now?”

If you look closely that’s what is kinda looks like. 😉

nail struggles


Why oh Why do I always think painting my fingernails before I sleep is a good idea?! The struggle is real Dolls!

Tell me your Fingernail Struggles.


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