Ciaté Skinny Dip nail polish swatch

 Ciaté Skinny Dip

Ciaté Skinny Dip
Part of The Bottled Sunshine collection, this nail polish by Ciate has golden glimmering tones to bring out your inner bikini babe. You would be bold, brassy and brave with this sassy shade – you may just want to hop into the pool head first, skinny dipping or not!


• The long handle provides you the best strokes every time.
• 250 bristle flat brush guarantees a flawless even finish.
• Ergonomically designed bottle that sits comfortably in your hand for maximum control.
• Amazingly pigmented formula, long-lasting and available in a range of finishes formulated to be easy to apply.
• And the satin bow Finishing touch which crowns each polish.


Ciaté Skinny DipCiaté Skinny Dip

The Easiest Trick to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

The Easiest Trick to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

For all of us glitter nail polish wearing girly girls, this is the trick I find it easier to remove my glitter nail polish.

Sometimes I like to wear glitter nail polish on all of my fingernails or sometimes I just use the glitter nail polish for my accent nail.  It just depends on my mood and style for the moment.  But who has time to swipe a 100 times to try o remove our beautiful glitter nail polishes?  My hand will start to cramp up doing it that way so here’s the easiest trick to remove glitter nail polishes.

The products you’ll need:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton pads or cotton balls (your choice)

The Easiest Trick to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

My favorite nail polish remover is Zoya’s Remove + and I use the big cotton circle pads.

I only need 1 circle cotton pad for each hand.

I love Zoya’s nail polish remover Remove+ because it’s gentle yet strong enough to handle its business, nourishes and conditions my nails, and preps them.  It doesn’t leave any residue like other nail polish removers.  This is the ONLY nail polish remover I use.

I saturate the cotton pad with the nail polish remover then on the nail I place the cotton pad and tear the cotton pad to leave just enough on to cover the nail then do that to each nail.

The Easiest Trick to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Leave it on each nail for 5 minutes.  Make sure you have the cotton on your nails to where they have attached itself to the nail polish. After the 5 minutes,  I apply a little pressure on the cotton pad starting from the cuticles and swipe down and continue with each of my nails.

The Easiest Trick to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Easy peezy!

The Easiest Trick to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

I had on another color under my glitter nail polish so now all I have to do is swipe another cotton pad with my nail polish remover and continue with my normal nail care.

That’s the easiest glitter nail polish removing trick I have for you Beauties!

I hope this glitter nail polish removing trick helps you save time and elbow grease!


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