Manicure Monday with Gold Elements

Disclosure: I received my Gold Elements Nail Kit for my manicures

Gold Elements Manicure

I receive a lot of great compliments on my nails daily so I figured I’d share how I do my manicures. As you can see, I take my manicures pretty seriously. I don’t let anyone do my manicures but me. Pedicures are a different story though. I will gladly sit my butt down in one of those massage chairs while someone is massaging my feet and calves and pampering my feet.

The products I use for my manicures are:

  • Hand cream
  • Cuticle oil
  • Emery board
  • Buffing Block
  • Nail Polish remover
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Nail Polish of choice
  • Fast drops
  • Bowl of warm water (not pictured)
  • Q-Tip ( not pictured)

My favorite nail polish remover is Zoya’s Romove Plus because it’s not drying at all, nourishing, gets all my nail polish off quickly, and preps my nails for the rest of the manicure.

I use Zoya’s Anchor for the Base Coat, Zoya’s Armour for the Top Coat, and Zoya’s Fast Drops to dry my nails quicker.


A Stimulating Beauty Treatment For Your Nails
A gentle, protective and soothing hand cream to protect
your skin.

Deeply soothe, moisturize and nourish the cuticles. Ideal
when buffing your nails, your cuticles will be softer and
your nails stronger looking.

To smooth away rough nail edges and shape your nail
faster and easier.

A fantastic buffer which grants a beautiful gleam to your nails
and assists in stimulating the blood circulation underneath
your nails, which encourages healthy growth.

Nail Polish of your choice.

I’ve seen how others do it differently but this is what works for me.

First I remove my nail polish with the Zoya Remove Plus then I apply the cuticle oil to my cuticles and massage them in. I get my bowl of warm water and soak one hand in the water for 2-4 minutes then with the other hand, I push my cuticles back with my thumb nail and kinda scrape the loosened leftovers. Then do the same for the other hand.

Then I file down my nails with my emery board then buff my nails to smooth them out evenly.

I wash my hands afterwards to get the nail dusting off. I put on my hand cream to make them all nice and moisturized.

I get a q-tip and apply some of my Zoya’s Remove Plus to get any oil left on my nails. Nail polish doesn’t latch onto oily nails well.

I apply one coat of my Zoya Anchor base coat so my nail polish doesn’t stain my nails. Then I apply two coats of my colored nail polish then apply a drop of the Zoya Fast Drops to speed up the drying time. Then apply the Zoya Armour Top Coat to protect and make my polish last longer.

There you have it Dolls. My step by step manicure. Again, this is what works for my nails but everyone is different.

manicure instructions

Do you do your own manicure or would you rather get pampered by someone else? 

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