Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge

pureSOL Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge

Konjac Bamboo Charcoal facial sponge

The above picture is the facial sponge when it’s absorbed with water.

The picture below is the Konjac Bamboo Charcoal facial sponge first out of the box. Hard as all get up.

Konjac Bamboo Charcoal facial sponge

When you first open up the package,  the Konjac Bamboo Charcoal facial sponge almost feels like a hard rock. My first thought was like,  “I’m suppose to wash my delicate facial skin with this hard thing?  I think not!”

But what you’re suppose to do is let it spark up some water then it’s soft.

Konjac is a moisture rich plant fibre which is by nature alkaline, and thus balances the acidity of the skin’s impurities and oils. The unique net like structure of the sponge gently massages the skin, breaks down dirt, stimulates blood flow and new growth of skin cells. Leaving the skin extremely clean and refreshed!

pureSOL Konjac Sponge is unbelievably soft and excellent for all skin types! It is made of 100% pure vegetable fiber and processed without any coloring or additives, great for hypersensitive skin!

IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE: pureSOL Konjac Facial Sponge gently exfoliates while deep cleansing and removing any toxins and impurities, leaving you with a radiant complexion. It is extremely soft and gentle for everyday skin care. Great for all skin types.

BRIGHTER LOOKING SKIN: The natural woven fibers of the sponge gently massage the skin and stimulate blood flow. It detoxifies and encourages skin renewal while balancing the skins pH, leaving your skin extremely clean and refreshed!

PREVENTS SPOTS, BLACKHEADS AND BREAKOUTS: The added BAMBOO CHARCOAL contains activated carbon and essential minerals to deeply cleanse and absorb excess sebum, toxins and other harmful chemicals from your skin. You will see your pores getting smaller, tightening and brightening your skin.

100% NATURAL AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Why compromise your health with products that contain harsh chemicals and additives on your skin? pureSOL Konjac Sponge is completely natural, eco-friendly and free of parabens, sulphates & chemicals. It is biodegrade, cruelty free and vegan. After use, you can compost the sponge and feel good about the environment! You can even add it to your flower pot! At pureSOL our packaging is 90% compostable.

EASY-TO- HANG SUCTION HOOK: A must have for you konjac sponge! Perfect for hanging in a well-ventilated space so it’s dry and ready for you to use the following day. No more searching for something to hang your pureSOL Konjac Sponge on!

The pictures below: Konjac Bamboo Charcoal facial sponge dry then wet.

Konjac Bamboo Charcoal facial spongeKonjac Bamboo Charcoal facial spongeKonjac Bamboo Charcoal facial spongeKonjac Bamboo Charcoal facial spongeKonjac Bamboo Charcoal facial spongeKonjac Bamboo Charcoal facial sponge

Where to purchase pureSOL Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge


Makeup Brushes RENEWED!

It’s that time to Refresh our Makeup Tools a.k.a Brushes

Before I get stated with today’s post on cleaning our makeup brushes, I just want to give you a run down on my MIA status as of late.

I know I haven’t posted in a week and I’ve just been super busy this past week.

I’ve been trying to keep up with my workout routine so I’ve been running to the beach after work then by the time I get home, take a shower to wash up all the nasty humidity induced sweat then by that time I lay on the couch and crash out before even noticing.
I have done one thing “non-surgical” thing on Monday so I can’t wait to write that up when the results fully kick in. It’s something that I’ve never thought about really taking the plunge to do, but as of now, I’m glad I took the plunge to do.  So don’t forget the keep checking back to see the exciting news!

Now back to the reason we’re here today.  I try to at least clean out all my most used makeup brushes every 2 weeks.

I most use, Sigma, MAC, and Real Techniques makeup brushes for my face, eyes, and lips.

Can ya tell that they’re past due to get their cleaning?

cleaning makeup brushes

All I used to clean these brushes are:

  • small kitchen towel
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • 2 bowls
  • warm water

I get the water running to get warm then I put the warm in one of the bowls.  I put a mixture of a little bit of warm water, vinegar, and Dawn dish soap into the other bowl.
Lay my towel out on the counter so I can put the completed brushes on there to dry out.

What I do with the bowl with the cleaning mixture, I get 2-3 brushes together and swirl it around in the bowl with the mixture then I transport those brushes in the bowl with just the warm water in it and let them sit in there while I continue with the other brushes.

Then after I’m done with swirling all the dirty makeup brushes in the cleaning mixture, I get into the bowl that has the cleaned brushes setting in the warm water then I work the mixture on the brushes by swirling them on my palm to get the stubborn leftover makeup off them then do a final rinse from a running facet then lay them down on the kitchen towel for them the dry.

Short and sweet huh??

You don’t always have to go out and buy some fancy makeup brush cleaner. The stuff that you already have at home does just as a better job.

The finished products are just now waiting to completely dry that way I can go ahead and put them back into my makeup brush containers and I don’t have the worry about getting leftover products on a nicely new refreshed face.

Cleaning makeup brushes

My favorite makeup brushes that I use are: Sigma, MAC (go figure right?), Real Techniques, and Eco Tools.

There’s all types of household products that you can use to clean your makeup brushes.

What are some that you use??

Perfect Cheap Replacement Cleansing Heads for Clarisonic

Disclosure: I received these to review.

I found the perfect replacement cleansing heads for my beloved Clarisonic Mia!! 

Did I also mention that they’re CHEAP!! I’m talking CHEAP!! Not cheaply made, cheap as in my wallet is loving me!

Clarisonic replacement heads CHEAP

Everything in the picture above excluding my Clarisonic Mia was……wait for it…..$35!!

Seriously, $35!  I waited to post my review on them that way I could test each one out.

This Cleansing Replacement Kit contains 5 heads!  Yupp, not 4 like the normal Clarisonic replacement pack BUT 5!!

The Clarisonic brand 4 pack ($75) only comes with 4 of one type or they have the 4 pack that contains 2 of the Deep Pore and 2 of the Sensitive Clarisonic cleansing replacement heads. Did you see that price?!

In the Procizion cleansing replacement kit that I have now, that’s a $40 difference PLUS I you’ll receive an extra one.
With the Clarisonic brand kit, they’re charging $75 for 4 cleansing heads which comes down to $18.75 each brush head.
The Prozision Cleansing Replacement kit comes with 5 heads at $35, which comes to $7 each brush head!

Which one would you pick? I’m not ballin’ so any time I can save some money and get the same quality, I’m all in!

In the picture below, the top 3 replacement heads are the Clarisonic brand so you may notice that they’re dirty and was highly used! The head on my Clarisonic Mia and the replacements heads at the bottom of my Clarisonic are the “nice on my wallet” replacement brush heads.

Cheap Clarisonic head replacements

Picture Below

Left: Clarisonic Right: Procizion

Clarisonic brush heads

The Procizion Cleansing Replacement 5-pack Kit contains:

  • 1 Normal (for all skin types)
  • 1 Sensitive (for sensitive skin types)
  • 1 Delicate (for mild exfoliation or very sensitive skin)
  • 1 Deep Pore (for oily and large pores)
  • 1 Acne (for acne prone skin)

ALL FOR $35!!!


Product Description

The Secret to Beautiful Acne Free Skin

The Best Facial Cleansing Brush Heads That Will Transform Your Acne Prone Skin
– Ideal Brush Head for Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin
– Has Extra-Plush Bristles for Ultra-Gentle Cleansing and Reduces Oily Areas
– Experience Softer, Smoother and Radiant Skin
– Reduce Appearance of Pores, Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Improve Skin Tone
– Improves Absorption of Creams and Serums

A Cleansing Breakthrough
This compatible replacement brush head is essential to your daily skin care regimen. The brush is safe and gentle for daily use while removing more dirt for radiant, glowing, softer skin. With daily use, these generic acne skin care brush heads leave the skin feeling and looking smoother while increasing circulation for improved cleansing and nourishment. Experience professional-level cleansing at home with these replacement brush heads and take the first step to reveal youthful, bright and even skin.

– For Best Results, Replace Brush Head Every Three Months
– To remove the brush head: 1. Grip the brush head firmly, then push and twist it counterclockwise. 2. Pull the head away from the    handle. To attach the brush head, push down and twist the head clockwise until it snaps into place.

– Compatible with Mia, Mia 2, Aria, Pro and PLUS Cleansing Systems
– Built with High Quality Standards
– 100% Money Back Guarantee if Brush Doesn’t Fit


You can get the 5-pack for $35 or a 2-pack for $14.97

Who else uses the Clarisonic daily for your skin care routine?>

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

How to depot MAC eye shadows

How to Depot M•A•C eye shadows

How to depot mac eye shadows

I don’t know what took me so long to do this. I have a ton of MAC shadows just running loose. My local MAC store doesn’t sell the PRO palettes so I ordered one online at MAC. The large single Pro Palette is only $8 and the 15 count eye shadow insert is only $2.

I love how it’s sleek, black, convenient, and professional looking. Great for traveling and grab-n-go rush type of days.

This was my first time doing this so the first few that I did aren’t that pretty looking. I did however stop for a few minutes to think then,..TADA the light bulb went off. I just thought about the things I had around the house.

The things you’ll need

  • Sharp pointy knife
  • Cuticle cutter or wire cutter (depending what you have at home already)
  • Lighter
  • Pro Palette
  • Eye Shadow palette insert

When I first attempted to depot them, I jacked up 4 of my beautiful MAC eyeshadow and wanted to cry because I pretty much ruined and wasted some product.

I’m going to tell you how I did it incorrectly first that way you don’t make the same mistake I did.


I only had the knife at this time. I took the eye shadow container and inserted the knife where there’s a groove.

How to depot mac eye shadows

Right above where it clicks to close, insert the knife there just a little bit and it will come out clean. The next step is where it went WRONG…My dummy self, stuck the knife in between the eye shadow and the container to get under it then the shadow started to rise up and crumble. My heart stopped as it was crumbling. 🙁

I’m sure you can definitely tell which 4 I totally jacked up.

Now to the CORRECT EASIER way

Still use the knife to separate the eye shadow holder from the container. It will like this below.

How to depot mac eye shadows

I’m a little impatient so I already took the shadow out before I took this picture. My bad! There’s really two little containers.

Now,  once you separate it like this, you’ll get your cuticle cutter and where the bigger gap opening is (left container on the left side on the picture above) you’re going to cut two slits (pictured below.)

How to depot mac eye shadows

This next step isn’t ideal, but as I said earlier, I’m impatient. I bent it down with my teeth. I know, that’s bad but it got the work done! If you have another way to do it,  please comment below that way I can do my next palette without using my teeth.  Good news is that my teeth didn’t chip,  so it’s all good!

Once it’s bent down, then get your knife again to slip the knife under the silver eye shadow container. Be careful because there’s gooey glue that’s holding the silver eye shadow container to the black container. You can see the glue in the picture above.

Once the shadow is out, you’ll put it in the Pro Palette eye shadow insert and go to your next shadow and repeat the steps for each one.

I used the lighter to separate the sticker with the name of the shadow from the bottom of the original container.

For this step, just light your lighter and about an inch away from the sticker from below, heat the sticker so it’ll loosen it up then peel it off from the container. Then place the sticker under the palette with the corresponding shadows.

How to depot mac eye shadows

It’s not that pretty but it’ll do.

Then you’re going to place the 15 count insert into the palette.

How to depot mac eye shadows


Place the completed palette where you store your eye shadows and YOU’RE DONE!

How to depot mac eye shadows

depot mac eyeshadow

Once I used the 2nd way of depotting the shadows,  it took just about 10 minutes.

I had to hurry up because I was heading out for a MAC beauty class.

Don’t forget about the MAC Cosmetics Back to M•A•C Program.

If you don’t know about the Back to M•A•C Program, here’s the details:

Because we share your commitment to the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program. By returning six [6] M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics online, you’ll receive a free M·A·C lipstick of your choice as our thanks to you.

This trip, I took 12 depotted eye shadow containers so I could get two (2) FREE MAC lipsticks.

I love my local M•A•C store and M•A•C Beauty Dolls there! They’re always so cheerful and beautifully made up.

I’ll post my M•A•C cosmetics class experience soon so stay tuned for that post.

Hopefully my way of depotting M•A•C eye shadows helped ya some.

If you know a way to bend the clipped area, instead of using your teeth, please comment and let us know. It didn’t chip my teeth this time, but who knows, it may the next time.



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