Goal of the Month

Goal of the Month

 “My Goal of the Month.”

This month my goal is losing some inches from my body and to exercise even more.

If you hung out with me daily, then you would know I LOVE TO EAT. I mean, you can not put food in front of me and not expect me not to eat it. Food is my weakness!

One of my girlfriends and I have been running at night along side the beach or across the bridge. It’s great to have a running partner plus we use the MapMyRun app on our phones so we can see our pace and distance. We get to also save our workouts and we can add our friends and track each others progress.

I’ve made me a “Dream/Motivational Board.” Y’all will see that soon.

I have this one particular dress that I love that I haven’t worn out yet and when I tried it on recently,  I wasn’t able to zip it up so that is what made me say, “Oh Hell Naw! I have gots to get this under control! It’s beach season too!”

I scheduled a family photo for the 1st weekend in July so that s another way for me to stay on track. I can’t be looking crazy in a family photo.

Tonight I didn’t run but it worked my arms out and did some lunges. I’ll be running tomorrow though.

When I gain weight, it doesn’t go to my waist, hips or thighs, it goes to my back and arms. It’s weird. I’ve already noticed a difference plus I’m eating a hell of a lot healthier.

I’ll make sure to post my results at the end of the month.

Until tomorrow Dolls!

What is your monthly goal?