Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 review

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25

Exuviance Peel AP25

I’ve never done a chemical peel before but I’ve always wanted to. Exuviance was so kind to send me 3 treatments to give a try.

A chemical peel makes your skin brighter and fresher by the top layer of skin peeling off. Sounds kinda gross or mid-evilish, but it really sounds worse than it really is. PROMISE!

The Exuviance Peel AP25 is a 2-step application. The 25 in AP25 stands for 25% professional level of Alpha Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acids, including Glycolic Acid.

I used all 3 treatments (insert sad face ūüôĀ since I don’t have anymore.)

I used these at night right before bedtime since that’s when our skin does the most in recovery mode.

Step 1 is the Activator Pad.

The pads look like the Clearisil acne pads. What you’re going to do with the Exuviance Peel AP25 pads is to apply it to a dry freshly cleansed face. It says to avoid your sensitive areas, but I put applied it to my whole face with no irritations or problems and my skin is pretty sensitive, but I may have just gotten lucky. So just make sure you listen to your skin. After you apply it, find something to do for the next 10 minutes. I used both sides of the pad. I didn’t waste any product.

After the 10 minutes are up then you’ll use Step 2.

Step 2 is the Neutralizer Pad.

Apply this pad where you applied the Activator pad then rinse your face with water and apply your favorite moisturizer. Then off to sleepville you go.

My results

The first time I used the Exuviance AP25 treatment,  I had some peeling. I didn’t notice it until mid afternoon the next day. I had already applied my foundation and all that jazz in the morning so that’s why you see me in foundation. So, unless someone was all up in my Kool-Aid they wouldn’t have noticed.

Exuviance AP25 peel results

When I got home from work I just exfoliated my face and off with the dead skin it went. It opened up my pores with the yucky acne spots and removed the gunk that was in there. My face was nice and refreshed showing off my new skin.

I guess my skin was so refreshed from the first treatment that it didn’t do that with the following 2 treatments.

In a package of the Exuviance AP25, you will receive 12 total treatments for $60 *Sale Price*, which is $5 a treatment. Way better than $70-$400 that you pay at the dermatologists office.

The description from website states:


The Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 contains 12 peels (a 6 week supply), which can be used up to twice a week on face, backs of hands, neck, chest and body. The creators of the original Glycolic Acid peel introduce a high performance peel that is safe and easy to use at home. The Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 contains a 25% blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA) including Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Gluconolactone. Performance Peel AP25 not only works at skin’s surface to exfoliate dead, dull surface layers, it also stimulates the process of cell renewal among all layers, to reveal fresher, healthier cells. With regular use, up to twice a week, this peel has been clinically proven to:

  • Refine pore size and smooth texture
  • Visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve clarity and brightness
  • Brighten and even skin tone
  • Provide an all-over healthy glow, suppleness and smoothness to skin.

How to Use

First, cleanse the face with a gentle, effective cleanser such as Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel. Apply a Step 1 Activator Pad over the entire face, avoiding eye area, lips and any area of sensitivity. Then discard pad. Carefully monitor the skin’s response to the Peel by observing any redness or discomfort, including stinging, burning, itching, tightness, tingling and peeling. Apply a Step 2 Neutralizer Pad to the face after 10 minutes, or sooner if you experience bothersome redness or discomfort. Apply over entire face (avoiding eyes and lips), and then rinse the face thoroughly with water. Follow with a moisturizer such as Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex. Precautions: The Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 may be used up to twice weekly, as tolerated by your skin. Reduce frequency of use if skin becomes uncomfortable, irritated or if bothersome peeling occurs.

Where to purchase:  Neostrata $60 Sale Price(Which is $5 a treatment)

Retail price: $75

Would I recommend?  Damn skippy!

Have you ever tried a at-home or gone to the dermatologists office chemical peel?



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Fastest Drying Nail Polish Top Coat

Fastest Drying Nail Polish Top Coat

Seche Vite fast drying to coat

I’ve used Zoya top coat for a while but it’s never really impressed me as a fast drying top coat.

As a single momma, I don’t really have time to chill and not do anything while my freshly painted nails are drying. I need something QUICK and gets the job done that I’m spending my money on.

The first few times that I used it, I must have been using it incorrectly because it would shrink a couple of my painted nails.

What I was doing was pretty much putting a layer of Seche Vite top coat on almost immediately after my 2nd coat of nail polish and that’s when I noticed that it would shrink. So, I decided to wait just a minute after my 2nd coat of nail polish then¬†I apply the Seche Vite top coat then viola it was perfect!

This does have a pretty strong aroma to it but it goes away quickly.

Seche Vite is formulated to penetrate through the layers of your nail polish to the base coat. Which in turn combines all your nail polish layers into a rock solid layer of a freshly done manicure with a super shiny finish.

I don’t have to worry about making up my manicure if I have to go to the restroom afterwards, because for some reason that happens to me all the time.

I’ve heard of another top coat brand that is supposed to be even better than this so when I use this one up I will buy the other brand and I’ll give y’all the skinny on that one. As of now, I’m extremely happy with the results of Seche Vite fast drying top coat.

Every other day, I layer on another layer of the Seche Vite top coat just to make my manicure last longer.


I purchased mine from Sally’s Beauty down the street from my house.

Have you used Seche Vite top coat for your manicures?



Filipina MacBarbie


My 1 yr Blogiversary Giveaway

My 1 year Blogiversary!

Wow!  Where has the time gone?

I’ve learned a lot about blogging this past year and the most important thing that I’ve learned is to just have fun and be yourself. I still have loads more to learn. The hours of learning html codes, backgrounds, taking pictures for posts, trying to get organized, trying to find a balance between single motherhood, full-time Active Duty military member, and blogging. It’s been a busy yet awesome year!

I don’t know what took me so long to start a blog? If I knew what I know now, I would have started years ago!

I’ve worked with some great companies and their PR departments. I’ve put my face through some things. Some good and some bad. The bad, my skin is still recovering from. Urg. But I think without me being into blogging I probably wouldn’t have been so focused and made sure that I continued searching for a great skin care routine, Holy Grails, sticking to my fitness routines, conversing with my readers, making friends with other bloggers, testing & reviewing my latest beauty finds, etc.

Along the way I’ve collected quite the beauty collection to add to my already stockpiled collection.

With that being said, I decided to do a giveaway. 12 products, 1 product for each month that I’ve been blogging.

Y’all ready for a 1 year Blogiversary Giveaway?!!!

Here’s the prizes!

Blogiversary Giveaway

The Products:

  1. Apothederm Skin Care Science Acne Clarifying treatment
  2. Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer Emulsion
  3. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In product
  4. Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil
  5. City Color Be Matte Blush
  6. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
  7. Michael Todd true organics Pumpkin Rich Facial Mask
  8. Briogeo Don’t Despair , Repair Deep Conditioning Mask
  9. Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion
  10. Midnight Monarch Hand Therapy
  11. SkinInc Custom-Blend Anti-Aging Serum
  12. Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass lip + cheek stain

I let my daughter pick out the products and I think she did well.

I hope you love the products!

  • This giveaway is for US & Canadian residents that are 18+ years old.
  • The giveaway will end September 26th.
  • A random winner will be selected by Giveaway Tools.
  • The winner will have 48 hours to reply back to me from the time I email them with their address or another random winner will be selected.
  • All entries will be verified.





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Product Review bareMinerals Moxie Get Ready

bareMinerals Moxie Get Ready Lipstick

Moxie Get Ready bareMinerals lipstick is an ultra moisturizing, full coverage, butter gliding, and voluptuous pout making lipstick!

Seriously, it is!

Today, my daughter was going through my lip drawer stash. Of course without my knowledge and when I noticed her lip color, I asked what she was wearing and she gave me that, Uh oh, I got caught look.

She went and got it and I totally forgot I had it.

So, she’s my model for this post.

bareMinerals Moxie Get Ready lipstick

Yes, having a teenage daughter that wears my clothes and sneaks in my beauty woman’s cave already sucks. Plus she just started high school. All that spells is TROUBLE!

At least she helping me use up some of my products. So I don’t feel all that bad when I have stuff just collecting dust because I’m using something else.

The Life of Makeup Hoarder!

I wonder if they’ll come up with a reality show for that?? Hmmmmmm…..

The bareMinerals Moxie lipstick line is hydrating and packed with pigments that give us those, ¬†“I can’t stop staring at your lips look.”

bareMinerals Moxie Get Ready lipstick

bareMinerals Moxie “Get Ready” lipstick is a warm rosy pink that you can wear throughout the year. It’s work friendly and it doesn’t bleed, so you can wear it without a lip liner.

On the BareMinerals website, it is described as:

Make an impact with Marvelous Moxie ‚ĄĘ¬†Lipstick. Creamy, super-saturated, ultra-pigmented color glides on like butter for full coverage in a rich satin finish. Lips look fuller and more voluptuous. An infusion of minerals revitalizes lips for a healthy-looking pout, while a moisture-loaded hydrating complex helps to nourish and condition with Abyssinian Oil and Omega Fatty Acids for supple, baby-soft smoothness. All the while, an encapsulated vitamin A, C and E complex helps to deliver antioxidant defense, so you’re ready for anything‚ÄĒand everything.

This is the only shade I have from the collection and I’m totally happy with it.

If you were to choose just one from the collection, then this is the one that I’d recommend.

At $18, you can’t beat the benefits.

Have y’all tried any of the bareMinerals Moxie lipsticks?



Filipina MacBarbie