Save the Undies with U by Kotex

Save the Undies with U by Kotex

Save the Undies U by Kotex

So, we’re going to talk about something VERY personal. Something we may ONLY talk to our close girlfriends about.

OUR MONTHLY! Time of the month. Riding the Crimson Tide. Ladies Time. Riding the Cotton Pony. Flood gates have opened. The Red River. Shark Week. The tomato soup is overcooked.

My personal favorite…Auntie Flo is in town.

I can seriously say that these bad ladies saved my undies this month!

Auntie Flo came for an early visit this month and I wouldn’t have been ready if these didn’t miraculously end up in my mailbox. Or did the Kotex fairies plan this??

I normally purchase the U by Kotex tampons. I’m a sucker for packaging and Kotex by far has the other “monthly” brands beat.

I haven’t worn a pad since middle school. I’m not going to count the hospital pads that they give you after you have a baby. OMG THOSE THINGS ARE HUGE!!!!!

I was very into sports when I was in middle and high school and well…..let’s just say that the times have changed since then. Back then I felt like I was wearing pillows down there when I wore pads, and running 3-7 miles daily while wearing those things was NOT fun!  It was a God send when my friend introduced tampons to me.  So, years………. went by (I dare not say how many) that I’ve always stuck to tampons because it literally didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. Until this past week….damn you Auntie Flow!! Really,  a week early!?!?!

I busted this bad girl box open and well…… You get the jest of it.

These are nothing like the pillows I had back in the day. These were actually comfortable and absorbent.

And must I have to say anything about the packaging?  I love the fun and hip packaging of these!

As the box says, “We got you”, they most certainly did!

You can go on their website to get some samples sent to you.

I run at least every other night except this last week. This visit from Auntie Flow was absolute hell! I’ve never been early and I had THE worst cramps EVER! So, I can’t tell you how they feel while running. But with regular daily activities, I didn’t even really notice that I had them on.

I would definitely recommend getting these if you’re not a tampon user. Plus they’re super cute.

So, that wasn’t that awkward right? LOL

Hey, us women all go through it right?