CVS Facial Wax Strips

CVS Facial Wax Strips

Cvs Facial Wax Strips

Oh it’s that time to wax the woman stash. Urg, the things we do for beauty.

I normally just get it done at the salon but I was at CVS this morning and decided to give these a try.

I’m all for getting store brands instead of the name brand. It’s basically the same thing without spending the extra money.

This one has 18 double-sided strips, which is 36 in total. Plus it comes with a little bottle of finishing oil to remove any leftover wax if any.

You don’t have to heat these up in the microwave. That’s one less step that you have to do.

All you have to do is warm it up between your hands and peel the strips then place it where you want to remove those unwanted hairs.

CVS Facial wax strips

Then voilà,  HAIR BE GONE!

facial wax strips

Ewwww, Right!

Don’t get me wrong, these bad girls still gives you a little pinch. It never fails, I can get bikini waxes, armpit waxes, and eyebrow waxes without a twitch but when it comes to my upper lip waxing…..urg! That b^$/% hurts!!

Save your money and get these bad girls for only $5.79 from CVS stores or on the CVS Website.