Experimenting with Juicing

I decided to get me a juicer and start juicing.

This year I’ve been so serious about my skin and my health. I’ve been experimenting with new skin products, running more, doing yoga, relaxing in the sauna, trying to eat healthier, etc.

I love to read other blood and came across one a about juicing. So I said, “What the hell! Let’s do the damn thing!”

detox juicing

I went to Walmart and bought me a juicer, tons of fruit, ginger, kale, cucumbers, and cilantro.

Let the experimenting begin!

Let me just say that I am just making up recipes as I go. But I would like to get a book or something with some great detox, weight loss, healthy for recipes for myself and some awesome recipes for my kids.

I’ve also never had kale until now too.

I know way back in the day I did a detox for 30 days. Yupp 30 days!!

All I had was water, 100% store-bought fruit juice, and of course my coffee! They say not to have coffee, but they seriously don’t know me. Give me my coffee?  Are they mad?!

I have up coffee one year for lent and the day after, EVERYONE at work brought me a coffee! I guess I wasn’t so pleasant to be around without some coffee running through my veins.

I noticed throughout my detox, I slept better, had more energy, my skin was flawless, and when I showered I felt more clean if that makes any sense.

So, now I wonder why I ever stopped….then I remembered,  I love BACON, meat, rice, etc.

Okay, back to juicing…..

The first couple times I did some juicing concoctions, I made a MESS!

detox juicing

Stuff was splattering everywhere but I think I have a better handle with it now.

The benefits from juicing on what I’ve read:

  • More energy
  • Better sleeping
  • Clearer skin
  • Weight loss
  • Heightened sense of taste
  • Getting tons of nutrients
  • Helps our digestive system
  • Gets rid of built up toxins in our bodies
  • Better overall health

I’m going to give this a hard-core try for 15-30 days then I’ll just slowly add whole foods into my diet.

So, lets see the progress of my juicing concoction…

detox juicingjuicingdetox juicingjuicing pulpjuicing

You see how much of the leftover pulp there is?

Our digestive system would have had to work double time to digest that. With the juicing, it automatically goes into our bloodstream and our bodies get instant gratification!

This one delicious! My son even wants me to make him some for school.

Like I said earlier though, I am no way near an experienced juicer. I’m just creating as I go for the taste that I like.

If you know of any great juicing recipes, PLEASE send them my way!

I’ll give y’all an update on 20-30 days.




Filipina MacBarbie