Dramatic Eyelashes

Dramatic Eyelashes

Perversion mascara

I don’t know about you but I feel incomplete without mascara. Without mascara I have almost nonexistent eyelashes.

I blame my Filipino blood for that. Our lashes are super straight.

These are my real lashes. No falsies on. Just a great eyelash curler to get them fluttering luscious and the new Urban Decay Perversion mascara that I received in my August Ipsy bag.

I put the Urban Decay Perversion mascara to the test the other night. I used my lovely Whiplash eyelash curler by Crave and a couple of coats of the Urban Decay Perversion mascara.

I think it turned out great!!

I love to get complemented on my lashes. Especially when they ask if they’re my real lashes.

Urban Decay Perversion mascara

Other than the fact that my Whiplash eyelash curler does her damn thang, I love that it’s pink as well!

I recently purchased the Shu Uemura eyelash curler thinking that was the business! But then received the Whiplash eyelash curler and it put the Shu Uemura curler to shame.

My Whiplash eyelash curler was $19 so that’s $1 cheaper than the Shu Uemura.

The new Urban Decay Perversion mascara has a pretty big wand that I normally don’t go for, but since I received it in my August Ipsy bag, I couldn’t let it go to waste,  plus I love trying different kinds of mascaras.

It held very well throughout the night of Patron shot taking while hanging out on the deck by the water in humid-view Florida. No smudging or flaking. It stood its ground and made my lashes voluptuous!

This combo of my Whiplash eyelash curler and Urban Decay Perversion mascara was a hit!!

Whiplash Eyelash curler

Again, these are my real lashes with the Urban Decay Perversion mascara and curled to perfection with my Whiplash curler.

Perversion mascara

What eyelash curler do you have your hands on?



Filipina MacBarbie

Tatcha Giveaway

Tatcha Enriching Renewal Cream Giveaway

Tatcha Cream

I’ve recently started using Tatcha skin care products and so far everything that I’ve tried, I’ve falling in love with.

Tatcha is hosting a giveaway right now until August 25th for all US residents for 100 deluxe sized Tatcha Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream.

Unfortunately for me, I have oily skin so this doesn’t apply for me. This cream is for dry skinned beauties. But I still wanted to make sure that my dry-skinned beauty readers get the opportunity to win.

What it is Tatcha Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream:
Our intensive renewal cream provides deep anti-aging benefits and promotes microcirculation to reduce age spots and renew appearance.

Why it’s different:
The effective formula harnesses proven ingredients that work in harmony to promote microcirculation, preventing and reversing the signs of premature aging.

Who it’s for:
Ideal for dry skin.

Tatcha is a great luxury brand and well worth it.

Your skin is gonna love you for it.

Go to the Tatcha Giveaway for a chance to win!!



Filipina MacBarbie

CVS Facial Wax Strips

CVS Facial Wax Strips

Cvs Facial Wax Strips

Oh it’s that time to wax the woman stash. Urg, the things we do for beauty.

I normally just get it done at the salon but I was at CVS this morning and decided to give these a try.

I’m all for getting store brands instead of the name brand. It’s basically the same thing without spending the extra money.

This one has 18 double-sided strips, which is 36 in total. Plus it comes with a little bottle of finishing oil to remove any leftover wax if any.

You don’t have to heat these up in the microwave. That’s one less step that you have to do.

All you have to do is warm it up between your hands and peel the strips then place it where you want to remove those unwanted hairs.

CVS Facial wax strips

Then voilà,  HAIR BE GONE!

facial wax strips

Ewwww, Right!

Don’t get me wrong, these bad girls still gives you a little pinch. It never fails, I can get bikini waxes, armpit waxes, and eyebrow waxes without a twitch but when it comes to my upper lip waxing…..urg! That b^$/% hurts!!

Save your money and get these bad girls for only $5.79 from CVS stores or on the CVS Website.

Save the Undies with U by Kotex

Save the Undies with U by Kotex

Save the Undies U by Kotex

So, we’re going to talk about something VERY personal. Something we may ONLY talk to our close girlfriends about.

OUR MONTHLY! Time of the month. Riding the Crimson Tide. Ladies Time. Riding the Cotton Pony. Flood gates have opened. The Red River. Shark Week. The tomato soup is overcooked.

My personal favorite…Auntie Flo is in town.

I can seriously say that these bad ladies saved my undies this month!

Auntie Flo came for an early visit this month and I wouldn’t have been ready if these didn’t miraculously end up in my mailbox. Or did the Kotex fairies plan this??

I normally purchase the U by Kotex tampons. I’m a sucker for packaging and Kotex by far has the other “monthly” brands beat.

I haven’t worn a pad since middle school. I’m not going to count the hospital pads that they give you after you have a baby. OMG THOSE THINGS ARE HUGE!!!!!

I was very into sports when I was in middle and high school and well…..let’s just say that the times have changed since then. Back then I felt like I was wearing pillows down there when I wore pads, and running 3-7 miles daily while wearing those things was NOT fun!  It was a God send when my friend introduced tampons to me.  So, years………. went by (I dare not say how many) that I’ve always stuck to tampons because it literally didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. Until this past week….damn you Auntie Flow!! Really,  a week early!?!?!

I busted this bad girl box open and well…… You get the jest of it.

These are nothing like the pillows I had back in the day. These were actually comfortable and absorbent.

And must I have to say anything about the packaging?  I love the fun and hip packaging of these!

As the box says, “We got you”, they most certainly did!

You can go on their website to get some samples sent to you.

I run at least every other night except this last week. This visit from Auntie Flow was absolute hell! I’ve never been early and I had THE worst cramps EVER! So, I can’t tell you how they feel while running. But with regular daily activities, I didn’t even really notice that I had them on.

I would definitely recommend getting these if you’re not a tampon user. Plus they’re super cute.

So, that wasn’t that awkward right? LOL

Hey, us women all go through it right?