Poshé Super Fast Drying Top Coat vs Seche Vite Top Coat Challenge

Poshé Super Fast Drying Top Coat

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While I was at Sally Beauty Supply to grab me some toner for my hair since it decided to start getting brassy and I can’t be having that ish. I also saw that they had the Poshé super fast drying nail top coat that I keep hearing and reading raves on, so I picked it up as well.

Since it was Sunday and I had to switch up my nail color for work. I tried the Poshé out to see if the raves were correct.

Other beauty bloggers and nail bloggers have raved about Poshé and Seche Vite top coats and how the compare to each other. I’ve already bought and reviewed Seche Vite’s top coat. You can read about my Seche Vite review here.

Onto my Poshé top coat review.

I painted my nails as usually with two coats of Zoya Spencer and then used the Poshé super fast drying top coat on my right side and used the Seche Vite on my left hand. I did everything the same and…….the Poshé disappointed me!

It smudged and I had to do my nails on my right side all over again. Urg!

I still used the Poshé on my right hand and just didn’t do anything for a while with my hands so it wouldn’t smudge again. I wanted to test the daily wear and tear and see what would happen and again…the Poshé disappointed me.

Poshe fast drying top coat vs Seche Vite

You can see the scratches on the right side which has the Poshé super fast drying top coat and absolutely no wear and tear on the left hand with the Seche Vite top coat on.

I will stick to the Seche Vite top coat for now until I hear of another so-called fast drying Holy Grail top coat.

Here’s what the Poshé Super Fast Drying Top Coat has to say about their product:

  • Dries to the touch in 1 minute
  • Dries to the nail in 5 minutes
  • Chip resistant – Protects Nails
  • 2 UV inhibitors
  • Protects nails
  • Self-leveling
  • Non-dragging
  • Ideal for nail art
  • Easy to apply

Five Time Winner – Allure Magazine’s Best Topcoat Award!

Poshe Super-Fast Drying Nail Top Coat dries to the touch in 1 minute and dries to the nail in 5 Minutes. The Highest gloss of any product on the market and with no Formaldehyde, Toluene or Nitrocellulose. Cannot turn yellow, even in tanning beds. No UV Lights or Heated Dryers Needed. Poshe Super-Fast Drying Nail Top Coat is a true Topcoat and must be applied over polish or basecoat.

The Aliphatic Resin System: re-wets to revive existing nail polish. Smooths out scratches and abrasions. Dissolves any oxidation and returns existing polish to its original color. Reaches through any lotion residue to re-wet and adhere to.

I personally disagree with the Highest gloss of any product on the market  statement for Poshé. As you can see in the picture that the Seche Vite has a shinier gloss on my nails.

Well Beauties, Seche Vite wins the Poshé Super Fast Drying Top Coat vs Seche Vite challenge!

What is your Go-To Holy Grail Top Coat?



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Motivation Monday


Welp Beauties, it’s MONDAY! For some, that means we have to put on our work clothes, uniforms, scrubs, what ever it is that you put on to leave our comfortable beds and pillows. Booooooo.

Yesterday I was getting my MOTIVATION on at the gym. As well as again today. When it comes to me going to the gym, running near the beach, doing yoga at home, working out at home, there’s one person I envision on how I want my body and fitness energy.

This woman right here!

Jennifer from the block Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
Photo via Official Jennifer Lopez FB

Seriously, this woman is in her 40s and has rock hard abs! Jealous right now, YES!

Yesterday, I was working out with my work-out friends. My Sole-Sister Joanna and her husband.

Normally we just focus on one body part, like upper body, lower body, leg days, or arm days. But naw, yesterday was a full body workout. What da hell was we thinking?!

fitness gym workout

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, I’m not an upper body work out kind of gal.

I know I have to do it though. Urg.

I’ll keep doing it even if I don’t want. That’s why I need Joanna to go with me to do arms. She’s the arms type of guy.

If Jennifer Lopez can do it in her 40s, this 30s something girl will keep on.

Jennifer Lopez
Photo via Official Jennifer Lopez FB
Jennifer Lopez
Photo via Official Jennifer Lopez FB
Jennifer Lopez
Photo via Official Jennifer Lopez FB

So until I get to where I want to be, I’ll keep rockin’ on at the gym, doing my yoga at home, running along the water, and working out at home.


Until next time Beauties



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