Beyond the Zone Rock on Blue Color Bombz

Beyond the Zone Rock on Blue Color Bombz

Beyond the Zone Rock on Blue Color Bombz

I’m not the only one in my house that loves to get made up. Here’s my little mommas boy.

I love this little man to pieces. He’s a little rocker dude.

When we were all out picking some things at Sally Beauty supply store, he picked up this bottle of Beyond the Zone Color Bombz hair color spray in Rock on Blue.

He wanted to have a blue mohawk.

It was only $6.29 and it’s not a permanent hair color so I purchased it for him.

He was so excited when we got home he got everything ready and styled his hair and told me exactly how he wanted me to spray it in his hair. He’s such a diva!

The can said to shake the product real good and hold it upright and hold it at least 12 inches away from the hair.

Make sure your hair is dry before spraying this on.

It’s a temporary color so anyone can use this for a night out, color runs if you’re into running and dressing the part, and for your rocker kids.

When you’re done spraying the Color Bombz spray as you so desire, if there is any that got on your skin, it’s easy to remove by just getting a damp wash cloth or wet napkin and removing  the product from your skin or from your fingers if you’re spraying it on someone else’s hair.

Let the Beyond the Zone spray dry then to keep the color and the style stay, just get your regular hairspray and spray it.


Beyond the Zone Rock on BlueBeyond the Zone Rock on BlueBeyond the Zone Rock on Blue

He thinks he’s just SO cool! Can you tell?

Beyond the Zone Rock on Blue

He couldn’t wait to show his friends at school the next morning.

He was already deciding how he was going to sleep so he doesn’t mess up his hair.

When he woke up, he went straight to the bathroom to see how his hair was. Diva I say!!

When he got home from school,  he couldn’t wait to tell me how many of his school friends loved his hair.

Sorry parents if your kids came home and wanted y’all to go out and buy this for them.

It comes right out when you take a shower. So after his hair dried from taking a shower, he came to me running with the Beyond the Zone spray bottle and insisted I do it all over again.

The joys of parenthood.

You can buy the Beyond the Zone hair color sprays at Sally Beauty supply stores.

Have you used any of the Beyond the Zone color sprays or any of the products in their line?



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