Zoya Blaze nail polish

Zoya Nail Polish in Blaze

Zoya Nail Polish Blaze

With the fall season here, out comes the Burgundy, Plums, Reds, and all the vampy shades.

This season I’m loving up on Zoya’s Blaze nail polish. Depending on how you look at your nails with it on, it tends to change its color.

As you all know that I’m a hard-core FSU fan, I tend to paint my nails some type of Garnet on Saturdays to represent FSU!

The saying is that in most southern states, we’re more college football fans than NFL fans. This past weekend I noticed that there’s some truth to that while reading my Facebook feed. Come Saturdays, my friends Facebook posts start blowing up with pictures of them wearing their favorite teams gear and posting play by plays. Then on Sundays when the NFL games are on, my Facebook feed is pretty much just posts on how they’re dreading it’s almost Monday and it’s back to work they go.

This week I’m taking a little staycation so I get to rock my Blaze nail polish for just a little longer than normal. THANK GOD!

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