My Accutane Journey Week 1

My Accutane Journey Week 1

My journey with Accutane

My initial 30 days waiting to start Accutane has finally passed and I started my 1st week of treatment!  Woowho!

Before my appointment at my dermatologist,  I had to get yet another pregnancy test and more blood work to make sure I was in the clear. If you’re a female, you will have to get a pregnancy test each month before starting a new pack of treatment. This is for the safety of an unborn child. Accutane can cause serious damage to a fetus. That’s why you have to ensure NOT getting pregnant while taking this medication. You have to use two forms of birth control throughout your treatment plan.

I just started dating a new guy and have two kids already, so getting pregnant any time soon is definitely not in my plans. Plus my man is deployed at the moment so, no problems there.

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