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Sparkling Holiday Party nails with Nicole O.P.I

Sparkling Holiday Party nails with Nicole O.P.I Guys & Galaxies

Sparkling Holiday Party nails with Nicole O.P.I

I also added a little bit of dots and designs so it give them a little more character. For the dots and designs, I used MAC Dark Angel, which is a creamy dark purple.

I received my Nicole O.P.I Guys & Galaxies in my November Ipsy bag.

Nicole by OPI in Guys & Galaxies is an ipsy exclusive cosmic shade. Iridescent sparkles flirt with fine silver glitter! Nicole by OPI puts salon quality at your fingertips…from the colorful world of OPI.

    • Long-lasting
    • Salon quality
    • Fast drying

Weight: 0.5 fl oz 

I love how sparkly it is with tons of silver glitter. [Read more…]

How I Tamed My Dry Lips Due to Accutane

How I tamed my super dry lips due to Accutane

Review Tatcha Lip Balm for Accutane

Oh My Word, the second week into my Accutane acne treatment, my lips went into overdrive with DRY lips! Damn you Accutane!

I seriously didn’t want to leave my house and go out in public because of the way my lips looked and felt!

[Read more…]

Get Salon Curls at Home without the Salon Price with KISS

Get Salon Curls at Home without the Salon Price with KISS

KISS InstaWaves curler review

Who doesn’t want fresh from the salon hair without the salon price? 

I have a whole lotta hair, let me tell you! Better yet, SHOW you! [Read more…]

GlamGlow YouthMud Review

GlamGlow YouthMud Review

Review GlamGlow Youth Mud

I received this deluxe sample size of GlamGlow YouthMud in one of my monthly beauty boxes. I seriously don’t remember which one though.

I fell in love with the original GlamGlow SuperMud. When I received this one, I was super stoked to try it out.

What I do normally before I use a mud mask is to steam my face in my at-home facial steamer or right after a nice hot shower. That way the steam opens up your pores. When my pores are nice and opened, I put on my mud mask. That way it’s easier for the mask to suck out the nasty impurities that lurking and chillen in our pores.

[Read more…]

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