A BeautyFULL New Years Resolutions TAG

Happy New Years Eve Beautiful Dolls!

I wanted to create a BeautyFULL New Years Resolutions Tag for people to chime in on and for all of us to check in on another.

Let’s create a list of at least 30 things.

TAG me, FilipinaMacBarbie and TAG whoever else you want to so they can chime in on the Tag.

So here it goes.

My 2014 BeautyFULL New Years Resolutions

  1. To wash my makeup off every night and wash my face in the morning when I wake up.
  2. Throw away old, dried out mascara.
  3. To freshly change out my nail polish on my nails weekly.
  4. To exfoliate daily.
  5. To apply a face cream or serum nightly.
  6. To apply spf face lotion.
  7. Not to neglect my hands and to moisturize them.
  8. Not to pick at my pimples.
  9. To wash my makeup brushes weekly.
  10. Take a daily multivitamin.
  11. To slather up my body with lotion.
  12. Keep my eyebrows tamed.
  13. Apply a mud mask to my face weekly.
  14. Drink more water.
  15. Not to over-indulge in buying newly released products.
  16. To use up my makeup stash.
  17. Eat healthier foods for my skin and body.
  18. Have a pedi date with a friend monthly.
  19. TRY to get more rest. You see how I put TRY right?
  20. To keep my nails nicely trimmed and groomed.
  21. Dance when I’m getting ready to wake myself up and mentally prepare myself for a GREAT day.
  22. Take a nice long bubble bath once a month. (I have a jacuzzi that I rarely use. )
  23. Treat my hair with a weekly mask.
  24. To try new products to get out of a rut.
  25. Stop rubbing my eyes.
  26. To smile more!
  27. To eat breakfast daily.
  28. To write more blog posts.
  29. To go to more beauty expos/conventions. Also a great way to meet more people.
  30. To take a “time out” and relax for at least 10 minutes a day.
  31. To save some extra money on the side to purchase a laptop to blog on the go at any moment that something inspires me.
  32. To research and read more on products,  new techniques,  styles,  latest trends, etc.

Well my BeautyFULL Dolls, that’s my 2014 BeautyFULL New Years Resolutions!

Now it’s your turn.

I tag:

Liz from My Pretty Obsessions
TaMara from Implausibly Beautiful
Yuri from E Filipino Women
Veronica from My Couponing Life

Feel free to Tag whoever you want to, and tag me so I can read your BeautyFULL Resolutions.

Until next time

Have a HAPPY NEW YEARS and I can’t wait to connect with all of y’all! 

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