Aveda Overnight Skincare for Wedding Day Perfect Skin

Tulasāra Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque

Tulasara Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque

Aveda has come out with a couple of new products to add to their Tulasāra collection. Tulasāra Wedding Masque and Wedding Masque eye.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw an Aveda package on my doorstep containing these two beauties two weeks ago.

These are inspired by the Haldi beauty ritual from India, which is a key part of the Hindu wedding ceremony, both masques deliver wedding day skin in a way that has been time-tested in Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, for generations. I’ll explain how to do the ritual towards the end.

I’m far from getting married so don’t let the name of these turn you off from getting them.

Let’s get into the Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque…

I automatically fell in love with the Wedding Masque for my face the morning after my first usage.
Tulasara Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque
My skin felt so soft, smooth, and plump. Plump in a good way though. It just felt and looked healthy. This stuff is seriously the business! Now I see how they can say that in their clinical testing that, “100% of women instantly showed brighter skin” with this masque. I can say, I definitely fall into that category. This is the true meaning of “Beauty Sleep.”

Tulasara Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque review

If you haven’t tried any Aveda products out, this is the one to try! Head over to your local Aveda salon and ask for a sample. This is going to stay in my skincare routine lineup for a while. Until another night moisturizer can exceed this baby, I’m sticking to this!

My local Aveda is only 10 minutes from my driveway. Woot Woot!

Now with the Aveda Tulasāra Wedding Masque Eye…
Tulasara Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque eye review
I’m still feeling out the Wedding Masque Eye. I haven’t really noticed a difference in the appearance of my eyes. But that might be because I don’t have dark circles under my eyes. They do however claim that in clinical testing that “85% of women showed a reduction in the look of dark circles around the eyes with Tulasara Wedding Masque eye.

Tulasara Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque
I went into my local Aveda store Lux Solis Aveda Salon & Spa today for a deep tissue massage and they were kind enough to let me take some pictures of their Aveda Tulasāra Wedding Masque display. Beautifully displayed…Once you walk into the Lux Solis Aveda salon, you see these beauties.
That’s Kim behind the desk. She was the sweetest.
lux solis aveda wedding masque review

She didn’t know that she was going to be in the picture. SURPRISE KIM!

Tulasara Aveda Wedding Masque reviewTulasara Aveda Wedding Masque reviewPictured above is the Aveda Wedding Masque for your face on the left and on the right is the Aveda Wedding Masque Eye.

The Wedding Masque for your face is smooth and is easy to apply all over your face. The Wedding Masque Overnight contains an aroma with certified organic jasmine, chamomile and grapefruit oil known in ancient Ayurvedic tradition to balance the skin, mind, and spirit.

The Wedding Masque Eye is on the thick side. I just put my ring finger in the jar and get some product out by moving my finger in a circular motion then dab it under my eyes. A little goes a long way! I know that I’ll have this jar for a while. This one is actually unscented.

A pre-wedding tradition in which a homemade turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom for glowing skin on their wedding day. Our masques beautify you the same way, every day.

Here is the wedding masque overnight ritual inspired from India:

Begin with three deep, cleansing breaths.

1. Using ring finger, apply Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye Overnight gently around the eye area in circular movements following the direction of the brows.
2. Then, apply Tulasara Wedding Masque Overnight to fingertips and inhale the aroma.
3. Sweep onto skin, starting at the decollete, moving up the neck, face, and across the forehead in upward and outward movements.
4. Go to sleep.
5. Wake up to luminous, wedding day skin and eyes.

Head over to your local Aveda salon or you can order online at Aveda.

Aveda Wedding Masque retails: $65
Aveda Wedding Masque eye retails: $55

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