Best Eyebrow Tweezers

The Best Eyebrow Tweezers!

Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezers

My hunky hunny of mine bought me a wax machine from Sally’s Beauty because I’m always going to the salon to get my eyebrows, legs, underarms, va jay j, and anywhere else that grows hair (with the exception of my head) on my body waxed.  Which means, I’m spending a grip on these trips to the salon.

Today, we’ll just talk about my eyebrows.

If you get your eyebrows done at the salon, then you know that we are going to the salon at least twice a month if you are making sure that you have freshly perfact brows.  That also means it’s putting a hurting to our pocketbooks.

The wax machine, wax, and all the strips of cloth only cost about $80-85.  With my first usage, it paid for itself in savings.

After we wax our eyebrows, we want to make sure we have an awesome tweezer to get the little hairs that the wax couldn’t pull out.  In comes my newest addition to my beauty tools…Anastasia’s Beverly Hills tweezers.

They come with a rubber like black tip protector. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezers

They are perfectly slanted and sharp to grab even the tiniest eyebrow hairs.  Plus, I love the fact that they are light pink.

Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezers

They are however pretty expensive ($28) but tweezers tend to last for years if they are good quality.

Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezers

It’s said that they are made from the highest quality of steel.  Whatever that means. 😆  I just know that I love them.

I picked mine up at one of my many trips to Sephora and decided to splurge.  I’m glad I did. This baby picks up all my tiny little hairs.

I keep them handy with me in my purse or makeup bag.  Whenever I have time, I just grab a mirror and look to see if I have any unwanted hairs and tweezers away!

What is your go-to tweezers?


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2 comments on “Best Eyebrow Tweezers

  1. That’s amazing that you found the perfect tweezer for you! I definitely wouldn’t mind paying extra especially if it’s something I’ll be using for a while. My go to right now is from Chella, by far this has to be one of the best I’ve tried.

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