Bioque Eye Restore cream

Bioque Eye Restore cream Review

First off, look at how they sent me the product.

Bioque Eye Restore Cream

I kept the original packaging because this was just too beautifully packaged for me. Plus I love pink!

Bioque Skincare has been showcased in Elle magazine, Vogue, Shape, Gala, InStyle, Park Ave, and then some. I think that speaks volumes already and I was excited to try this out.

Bioque Eye Restore cream has White Truffles, Kombuchka, and Peptides.

White Truffles: rare and exclusive for tonifying, invigorating, mositure-balancing.
Kombuchka: rich in organic acids improves overall skin quality, smoothes and freshens.
Peptides: fight against skin sagging, help reduce depth of wrinkles, restoring youthful radiance of healthy skin.

What Skin type is it for?
For ALL skin types

What its supposed to do?
Improve the luminosity and clarity of our eye area.  Tighten up and firm our baggy/saddle bag look.

The packaging is clean and sleek-looking.

Bioque Eye Restore

Bioque Eye Restore is a gel-like cream.

Silky smooth and soaks into my skin effortlessly.

Bioque Eye Restore eye cream

How to apply
You can use the spatula that comes with it or just tap your ring finger into the jar and just tap around your eye area. Since your eye area is thin-skinned, don’t rub your cream into your skin.  Just lightly dab it into your skin and let it soak in.
You don’t need to use a lot, just a dab of the cream under each eye. A little goes a long way! There’s no point in wasting the cream if you don’t need too.

Would I recommend?
Hellz yea!
I love the gel-like feel and the way it just soaks into my skin. It’s tightened up my under-eye bags quite heavenly!

Where to buy?

Size and Price
Size: 0.5 oz. 15 g. – Price: $ 48.00

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