Birthday Celebrations

My Birthday Celebrations

Birthday cake

Recently I just celebrated my birthdays.  Yes, I said “Birthdays.”  I have two of them.

I was born in the Philippines and they messed up the date on my birth certificate.  So, I do indeed celebrate both days.  My actual birthday and my government birthday.  Which is a good thing now because my significant other  (S.O /Boo Thang) has his kids on alternate weekends.  This year he had his kiddos on my actual birthday so we were able to celebrate together on my “government birthday.”

Well, my official birthday weekend started a little early.  I took half the day off on a Wednesday then took Thursday through Sunday off.

Wednesday we started off at the beach with my friend Joanna while we sipped (slurp) Pina Coladas and working on our tans.

Birthday Beach time

I know, it’s a tough life but someone has to do it.

Then my bestie Jaime came down for the weekend from Alabama.  She’s also a #CancerBaby! July birthdays are the best!  Especially, if you live in Florida.

We were able to catch up, talk, and drink.

Filipina BirthdayBirthday bestiesJuvy

Cancer Birthday Besties

That’s my Jaime!

Being that it was our Birthday month…we had to make a trip to the mall.

We picked up another one of my friends, Veronica.  Guess what?  She’s a Cancer baby too!  So you know what that means. Off to Sephora we go! As you know, if you are a Beauty Insider, VIB, or VIB Rouge status member, you receive a FREE Sephora Birthday gift.

We loaded up my truck with the three birthday girls and our kids and off we went!

Birthday trip

Pensacola Sephora, HERE WE COME!

What’s also awesome about our Sephora Birthday gifts is that you don’t have to purchase anything to receive it.  You can just walk into the store and go up to the counter and let the beautiful ladies know that it’s your birthday and present them with your Sephora card or your registered email address and they will hand you a beautiful and free gift, did I mention FREE!

But being that it is Sephora, we had to walk around and try out some products and of course take some selfies!

Sephora birthday giftSephora Birthday bestiesBirthday Sephora

I was going to pick up a hair bun device thingy but it was just looking a little too complicated so I put that bad boy back.

We happily went up to the counter and all three of us said, “It’s our birthdays!”

2015 sephora gift

We received a Nars set of lippies in the colors: Cruella, which is a Velvet Matte and Rikugien, which is a Satin finish.

Nothing feels better than receiving gifts on your birthday!

After receiving our gifts, we walked down to the food court and stuffed our mouths and bellies up.

Afterwards, we went into Victoria’s Secret to see what was new…and of course took a selfie!

Victorias Secret Birthday gift

Look at them calves tho! 😉

The following day, me, Jaime and the kiddos went down to Navarre beach and ate some lunch at a place called Rocco’s, which is an Italian restaurant, but I guess you can tell by the name of it.

We were sitting outside when we first got there because it was beautiful and sunny. But then you know how Florida weather is… the clouds started rolling in and then BAM it started to rain!  But before the clouds started rolling in, Jaime and I were able to sip down some pina coladas.

Birthday beach Navarre

We enjoyed our meals but afterwards we were not able to go to the beach as we planned. Instead we got drenched running to the truck.

Birthday girls

We decided to just head home and start our birthday drinking.

Sunday rolled around and Jaime and her daughters had to head back to Alabama.

Now on my “government birthday” I walked into work with these on my desk.

Birthday at work

I love me some Nerds candy!!

My friend from work also got me a strawberry and chocolate cake and I just love what she put on it…

Birthday cake


I’m really not 30, I’m in the 30’s, but who really cares what your age is right?!

After work, I took a shower and headed out to my S.O’s house and right when I got to his house, he was all excited to hand over my gift.

Pink Coach boyfriend watch

I have been eyeing this watch for a couple of years now.  It’s a pink-faced Coach boyfriend watch from the Andee’s collection.

I posted a picture of this watch on my facebook a long time ago and I guess he stalked my posts and pictures to find it and ordered it for me.

There’s a cute story behind him ordering it for me.  He knew that it wasn’t going to make it for my official birthday but he didn’t know that it almost wasn’t going to make it on my government birthday.  The post office actually lost the package and he started freaking out. Coincidentally, I had went to the post office I guess the same day that he went to the post office and they lost one of my packages that was supposed to make it to my house.

But on my government birthday the post office did find my package and he was able to pick it up before I got home.

We headed out to the mall so they can adjust the size for me and take a few links out.

Pink Coach watch birthday gift

Fits perfectly now!

We went to Olive Garden for dinner then headed out to Helen Back for some drinks and to play pool and we ran into our friends, Mike and Matt.  If you read one of my earlier posts, Mike is the one that made me come out to play on New Year’s Eve and that’s how Juvy and Jason started.  We were all stationed together in England many many many moons ago.  Plus I’ve known Mike since middle school.

When we bumped into Mike and Matt they freaked out and was like holy crap “Y’all are actually out!”  They have been inviting us to go out forever but me and Jason always seemed to already have plans so it never panned out to actually hang out with them.

After drinking and playing pool, we all headed out to a dance bar called Juana’s.  It’s a bar/club on the beach.

We ran into some more of our friends and just enjoyed our night!

All in all, I absolutely love having two birthdays to celebrate!  One I got to celebrate with my besties and the other with my Boo Thang!

And of course I love my new Coach watch!

Now, back to the post office story…

I went back that following Monday to see if they found my package and the guy that was helping me out was the same guy that was helping my Boo Thang on my birthday.  I told him that he was the guy that was helping out Jason and he was like, “Yea!! What did you get for your birthday?  Did he do good? He was freaking out because he was down to the wire!”  I showed him my wrist with my lovely Coach watch and he said, “Yea, he did GOOD!”

Coach Watch pink


Here’s to another year!!



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