But First, Coffee

But First, Coffee
MAX Boost 1.75 X

Maxwell House MAX Boost 1.75x

Just so you know, I bought this. BUT…if Maxwell House ever wants to send me coffee, I’M TOTALLY DOWN FOR IT! WINK WINK! IJS!
My mornings start off with me opening up my eyes and going straight to the kitchen for my coffee. Yesterday, during my weekly grocery shopping, I saw a NEW package! Maxwell House has a new coffee and I just had to have it so I can try it out. MAX Boost 1.75X came home with me.
Coffee is a must for me. My 10-year-old son, Jules knows that too. He actually has an alarm set on his phone for the mornings so he can make me coffee and he goes right back to sleep.
When I wake up, it’s the perfect temperature for me to drink. Isn’t he the BEST! I couldn’t have asked for a better son.

What intrigued me on this new MAX Boost Maxwell House coffee is that it says, “1.75X More Caffeine.”

This product contains an average of 205 mg caffeine per serving compared to an average of 112 mg caffeine of Arabica coffee

Maxwell House MAX Boost coffee

Maxwell House MAX Boost 1.76x contains an average of 111 mg caffeine per 1 Tbsp of ground coffee compared to an average of 63 mg caffeine per 1 Tbsp of Arabica coffee.

I don’t keep track of my caffeine intake, but I surely do drink coffee throughout the day. I also pity the fool who tries to attempt to speak to me before I’ve had some.

There are 3 different MAX Boosts. (1.25x, 1.50x, and 1.75x)

I chose the 1.75x. I mean, go big or go home, I say.

Boost coffee by MAX, a customizable coffee with three levels of caffeine. So you can get just the right amount to help you take on any moment. Because, life doesn’t always live by a fixed schedule. Make the most of your day. Try Boost from MAX, it’s customizable energy for your custom-built life.

I bought mine from Winn Dixie but I’m sure you can find MAX at any grocery store around you. It was on sale too. It was less than $6 for 15.3 oz’s.

On the package, it say’s, “MAX by Maxwell House is a selection of delicious coffees specifically crafted to give you more of what you want to help you be your best. With MAX Boost, you can choose the level of caffeine to help stay energized no matter the situation.”

It doesn’t taste any different from their regular coffee, so to me, it’s just extra caffeinated.

Like I said earlier, coffee is a must in my house. In my life really. If I go out-of-town to visit friends, they HAVE to have a coffee machine.
One Lent season, I actually gave up coffee and my coworkers were waiting for the day Lent ended. I walked into work and everyone had bought me a coffee. I was one hell of a caffeinated chic that day.

What’s in your cup of Joe?

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