Could Dairy be causing your Cystic Acne?

Could Dairy be Causing Your Cystic Acne?

Could Dairy be causing your Cystic Acne?

Some dermatologists will say no with an absolute belief in their answer. BUT, I would have to say, “Challenge Accepted! “

The reason I’m accepting this change challenge is because I’ve already known that I’m lactose intolerant but I still catch myself reaching for all things dairy!

I recently was on tdy (temporary duty) for a couple of weeks and I was staying in a military hotel (aka Lodging).

I didn’t have a stove and I had a small fridge in my room so I stuffed it with, (what everyone thinks is so healthy for you), yogurts, greek yogurts, and my usual fruits.

I figured, I’m away from home and cooking dinners every night so I’m gonna eat healthy and lose some inches!

So NOT the case!

I started breaking out with hellish cystic acne. I didn’t want to leave my room! Here I am, where pretty much no one knows me and the 1st time they meet me I have these nasty things brewing up within my face! URG! What a great 1st impression! I even had one on my left temple which made my face look lopsided!

No amount of makeup can hide the big lumps! Foundation can only cover up the redness from the inflammation.

I’m sure I’m not alone when you wake up and see big lumps forming.

zit nightmare

Well, I never really eat yogurts when I’m at home. I rarely ever have any milk. The only time I have milk is when I eat cereal and that’s MAYBE once a month. My breakfast usually consist of 2 chips of coffee when I wake up.

When I returned home from my tdy, I started craving Reeses ice cream with a vengeance! Like seriously, one pint every night!

Guess what hasn’t left my face and more just keeps popping up?

Yupp, these freaking cystic acne! WTF! They’re taking over and my face has surrendered! Not only my face but my back as well!

That’s what got me thinking on what the hell is going on? I’m not on my period or not was it close up being that time of the month so I decided to check out Google and do a search.

I read all types of posts on dairy and acne.

Then the light bulb appeared!

So last night I decided that I will take the challenge on with cutting out dairy in my diet. But first I had to have one more night with Reeses! Oh how I’m gonna miss you so, but this cystic acne has to go!

Today, August 3rd, makes the official first day of my dairy-free diet!

That also means no creamers in my coffees. This is going suck! But I have to do what I have to do!

I’m going for one month to start with and see how my face reacts. Hopefully it will work out in my favor!

On a side note, cutting dairy is also good for my gut. I’ll see if any midsection inches start to diminish.

Here’s to Day 1 of being dairy-free!

I will post my results with pictures to see if there’s any differences.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever given up dairy? 

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