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I’ve always seen and heard about DermStore on the internet but I’ve never order anything until recently.  This was my 1st time ordering from them.

I was looking for my favorite lip plumping lipgloss Lip Venom and on the Duwop website they were out of stock so I went to the DermStore website and saw that they had it in stock so I ordered my Lip Venom.

They also put a “Mystery gift” on the receipt and today I received my order!

These are the products that I received.

Holy Grail Lip plumper


I received the product I wanted, the Lip Venom lip plumper.  Which is by the way, the best lip plumper out on the market in my opinion.

A DermStore brand Lip Quench moisture-infused lip treatment,  a sample of Heliocare Daily use Antioxidant Formula,  and a sample of Ultra Repair Cream.

I will most DEFINITELY order from DermStore again!

Have you Dolls tried the Duwop Lip Venom before?  It’s my absolute favorite lip plumper! 


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