Essie Cabana Boy Nail Polish

Essie Cabana Boy Nail Polish

Essie Cabana Boy Nail Polish #essielove

During one of one Hollar website hauls, I saw this nail polish for only $2, so I had to put 2 of them in my cart to buy. If you haven’t been on their website yet, you need to get on it! I bought several amazing beauty finds for dirt cheap! You’ll thank me later. But on to Cabana Boy…

Essie Cabana Boy nail polish is described as an ultra-cool pearly white shade. I think it has a hint of very light grey in it as well. It is also a frosted type of nail polish.

Cabana Boy was reintroduced in the Retro Revival collection 2016 but originally released in 2005.

I applied 2 coats for an opaque finish. This looks great for anyone that has a sun-kissed tan.

Essie Cabana Boy Nail Polish #essielove

I’ll be wearing this shade often throughout the summer months here in Florida. I think it gives my nails that “Pop out at ya look” while I’m out in the sun.

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What nail polish shades have you been rocking this summer?


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