GNC Ultra 100 Billion Probiotic Complex

GNC Ultra 100 Billion Probiotic Complex Capsules

GNC Ultra 100 Billion Probiotic Complex

First off, let me tell you that I eat A LOT!  It’s my weakness.  When I hear the words, potluck or buffet, I’m like, “WHY!?!?”

With all that I eat and put in my tummy, I need to make sure that my digestive system is working properly to digest all that stuff and not leave me bloated and constipated.   That’s not a cute sight or feeling.

This may not be something that we like to talk about openly, but Hey, everyone uses the bathroom. What goes in must come out.  Come on now!

There was one point where I was stressing and it took a toll on my body.  I was so constipated and bloating.  I’ve been using this particular brand for about a year now and GNC usually has this at Buy One get one 50% off.

It’s not particularly cheap either.   One bottle costs $49.99 or Member price $46.99.  Since I know I’ll be taking these everyday, I jump on the BOGO deal.

We have trillions of bacteria in our body and probiotics gives our intestinal tract a healthy balance.

There’s several different amounts of probiotics that you can purchase, so get with the store clerk or your primary care doctor/physician to see what’s best suited for you.

GNC Ultra 100 Billion Probiotic Complex capsules has helped me stay regular, if you know what I mean. 😊

I take one capsule as soon as i wake up in the morning to start my day as if it was a daily vitamin.

Have you been taking probiotics?

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