How I organize my perfumes

How are store my perfumes

DIY Perfume station

I used to normally just put all of my perfumes on top of my makeup drawer storage. I took one of my glass cake containers and put it on top of my cosmetics drawer storage. I added some od my favorite perfumes in there and added the extra perfumes that doesn’t fit within the cake display container below where the stand is.

I think it came out quite nicely. As if you can’t already tell I’m an avid Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison type of girl. Hypnotic Poison is the one perfume that I could not run out of. That is like my signature scent.

DIY Perfume station

I did however just purchased the newly released Calvin Klein Reveal perfume. So now that I have that, it will be another one of my signature scents. So now, every other day I will use my Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison perfume and then the following day I will use my Calvin Klein Reveal perfume.

DIY Perfume stationDIY Perfume station

That way it keeps everyone guessing. I don’t want to be too predictable when it comes to my perfumes.


I get compliments on both of them. That’s a plus!




WHAT IS YOUR PERFUME SIGNATURE SCENT? Also, is there any other way that you store your perfumes?


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  1. Great idea! I just have my perfumes sitting on a rectangle container (which I think is/was used for hand towels) .. it would be nice to get to height so that I’d have more counter space on my dresser.


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