How to get rid of those pesky facial hairs without pain

Excuse the close up you’re about to see, but I love using my 10x magnifying natural sunlight mirror to really get those pesky facial hairs.

how to get rid of facial hair

I’m not talking about my overgrown eyebrows.   It may sound strange,  but I actually like to pluck those with tweezers to make sure I get a nice grip and pull out the follicles too.

I’m talking about our woman mustaches and for me, I have hair around the sides of my eyes.

I bought this Philips Precision Perfect trimmer that’s battery operated.  This pack also came with some tweezers the has a built-in light.

How to get rid of those pesky facial hairs without painIt comes with the regular trimming head wand, an adjustable guide attachment,  an eyebrow trimmer attachment,  a cleaning brush, and a luxury smart tweezers.

The box states that it safely shapes, trims, or shave unwanted hairs anywhere and everywhere.   No brow, lip, or bikini line will stand between you and that perfect look with Philips Precision Perfect,  the ultimate precision trimmer and luxury smart tweezer set.

  • Easy to handle trimming head: Precise eyebrow shaping with the precision trimming head
  • Precise facial hair removal: Easy and safe removal of facial hairs with the regular trimming head for soft and silky skin
  • Bikini shaping and trimming: Precise bikini shaping and gentle bikini trimming with the adjustable length trimming comb
  • Luxury smart tweezers: Additional portable tweezers with light and mirror for the finest precision.

Philips Precision Perfect shaver kitPhilips Precision Perfect shaver kit

I used this for my little hairs that surrounded the sides of my eyes and my woman mustache.

I hated the look of the lil hairs that would be shaded by my foundation so when I was at Target and I saw this, I snatched it up.
I couldn’t look up any reviews on my phone while I was there, because EVERY TIME that I go into a Target, my phones reception goes away.
I know them Target people somehow turns it off, them sneaky devils!
Does that happen to anyone else????

Anyways, I just used the trimming wand with no attachment to get my mustache hairs and the hairs around my eyes.  They didn’t get snagged or anything like that, they just fell from my face when I went over them with the trimming wand.

I love how it’s portable so we can just put it in our purse and take it out any time that I need it.
It’s also PINK!
That’s what really caught my eyes first.

I’m in love with this lil gadget!

For us dark-haired women, we have lil facial hairs, if you want to admit it or not. WE DO!

I would recommend going out and snatching one of these bad boys up!

I bought mine at Target at the store, but if you can get them HERE from the Target website.
It was only $14.
Not a bad price for something that I know that I’ll be using a lot of!
Why oh why, do us women get those unattractive pesky facial hairs?  URG!
But now I have my solution.

Do you have any pesky facial hair that you want to get rid of?  How do you get rid of yours?


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