HSI Professional Liquid Gold for your Hair

The lovely beauties from HSI Professionals sent me this amazing Liquid Gold for my hair to test out.

Now everyone has heard of Argan Oil being “Liquid Gold.” I have been non-stop with Argan oil for my skin and for the past month I’ve been using HSI Professional Argan Oil for my hair.

Argan Oil for your hair

First off, this brands aroma is freaking amazing! I can’t pinpoint the scent and I couldn’t stop smelling my hair cause it’s just captivating. I was having my friends smell my hair so they can help me out try to figure it out but all they said was that it smells great. I even contacted the company so they would tell me the fragrance but they said that it’s their secret fragrance.

I seriously need to make some friends that are chemists so they can help me out. IT’S THAT GOOD!

Other than the scent, argan oil is great for ALL hair types, frizzy, straight, color-treated, fine, curly, damaged, you get the picture.

You can put it on towel dried hair, before you style, blow-dry, straighten or after your hair is fully dried and styled. Whatever your liking is.

It instantly adds shine to your strands without weighing it down. You dont need to add a lot, just a few drops into your hands, rub your hands together to warm it up then start combing it in with your hands and fingers.

With the leftover that’s on your hands you can just rub it into your nail cuticles, and you can also do what I do and cup your hands and bring it up to your nose and just smell the amazing aroma. It’s seriously that good.

I’m about to have to get another bottle because I’m almost out.

HSI Professional Hair Argan Oil

You see on the ingredients they list fragrance? Come on HSI Professional,  give in to me so I know what the secret fragrance is! Pretty Please!! IJS! I thought we was cool?

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I just re-ordered the 4 fl oz bottle for only $14!!


To all my Beauties, this is the argan oil you need to get for your hair. Seriously! 

What are y’alls thoughts on the “Liquid Gold” Argan Oils?


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Thank you HSI Professionals for sending me this Liquid Gold .

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