Josie Maran Face Brightening Balm

Hello All my beauties!

I finally received my Josie Maran order from Haute Look and one of the items that I received was the face brightening balm.

Josie Maran Brightening Face Balm

I never knew that she had a brightening balm in her product line. The consistency is nice and creamy and all types of shimmery.

Brightening Balm is a powerful complex of nature’s brighteners: lemon oil, orange oil, antioxidant-rich, organic Argan Oil, and bearberry. An ancient healing herb used to eliminate age spots, and evens freckles,  bearberry is a natural skin-brightener. Worn under or over your makeup, it will illuminate the beauty that is the true you.

Josie Maran Brightening Face Balm

With it be in nice and sunny out send in the springtime, this balm will nicely highlight all the features that you want it to highlight.  it’s not overly shimmery it’s just the perfect type of shimmery.

josie maran brightening balm

I’m going to have to check with Sephora again to see if they have this in their store that way if I run out of this one I can make sure I can  repurchase it locally.

It comes with a nice lil brush so you can apply it on. Rarely do I use a brush that comes with the actual product but this brush is actually great! There’s no throwing this baby in the garbage. I know I’m not the only person that throws away those generic brushes that come with the products.

The container itself is nice and sleek and has the signature Josie Maran name on it.

It also has a lil mirror and a covered peekaboo slot so you can actually see the product.

It goes on smoothly and doesn’t cake on or crease. The scent is amazing and not overpowering.  It’s just right.

This is the first highlighting creamy type product that I’ve seen. If you know of any other ones please let me know. You know I love to try different products out. But for now I love this one.

Have you tried this or even knew that it existed?


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