Living with Year-Round Allergies

Year round allergy testing

Who else has to live with year-round allergies?

All year I have to take my allergy medications. Of course there are days where they are worse than the others. Today, is one of those days.

A few months ago I got sick and tired of just taking medication and not knowing what it is that I’m actually allergic to. I went and made me an allergy test appointment and as you can tell with the picture above, that they pricked me pretty good with 53 needles with 53 different types of stuff that people are allergic too.

I was not a happy camper but I know I had to get it done.
There is also an extra one on the table next to the display which not a lot of people are allergic too but I know for sure that I am.

Coconut allergy test

It is for coconut! I think I may be the only Asian that is allergic to coconut! Now, I can have coconut milk and use coconut oil and lotions but for some reason, I’m allergic to coconut meat. The white flakes from coconuts. That means that I can’t eat German Chocolate cake or anything that has coconut flakes in it. My throat starts to swell up.

If you have ever had an allergy test done, then you know that it is not a pretty site!

What they do is, clean your back or arm with alcohol then they start to go to town with pricking you with these tiny needles. With me, they did it on my back.
They will draw little circles and then they will prick you one at a time. Each circle contains one prick. Then you have to wait for 10-15 minutes to see what your body reacts too. If your body reacts to any of them, you can not scratch until the technician or doctor comes back in. That way they can read the results.

I always thought that I may be have allergies to oak but that wasn’t the case. Come to find out, I’m allergic to several different types of grass and of course coconut.

I had the worst time just having to wait before I could rub and scratch the hell out of my back because it was burning and just itchy!

This spring is when I get to start getting the allergy shots along with my regular medications. Urg!!

Yesterday, when I woke up from my nap. I knew something was wrong because my eyes felt itchy and just irritated. I went to check them out and sure enough, they were red as if I had double pink eye.

I went and got my allergy eye drops and put some in. Sundays are when I normally go grocery shopping, so I looked a hot mess walking around the store with my evil-looking eyes!

I was hoping by this morning that they would go away, but naw….

I went into work to check my emails and responded to those then I came right back home.

I was looking crazy driving, because my eyes just kept tearing up as if I was crying. Every time I blink, it feels like my lids are going against sandpaper.

living with allergies
This picture does not show the true appearance of my eyes. You can also tell that my nose is a little red too.

When I got back home, my daughter actually said that she likes my eye makeup. I had to tell her that I wasn’t wearing any makeup!

Well, here’s to me getting some rest and hopefully my eyes and allergies get better for tomorrow. I have a course to teach. I don’t want to look all crazy doing that in front of people.

Have you or anyone that you know, had to do an allergy test?


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