Loving These Rose Gold Nail Polishes

Rose Gold Nail Polishes
I’ve recently just fell in love with almost everything Rose Gold to include these two nail polishes.

I did a lot of searching on Pinterest, Google, and Instagram for some good suggestions on Rose Gold nail polishes. I couldn’t find the ones at the stores that was suggested, so I just did a little swatching at the store and found these two beauties!

SinfulColors in Hush Money and Essie A Cut Above

SinfulColors in Hush Money has more of the true Rose Gold color than the others. PLUS, the price pay off in itself made me purchase¬†two of them. They’re only $1.99 each!

The first time that I put it on, it did become bubbly so I took it off then let the nail polish bottle hang out in the freezer and applied it again to perfection. Perfection in my eyes that is.

I applied the SinfulColors Hush Money on all my nails and then on my accent nails, I applied the Essie in A Cut Above.

I applied the Essie A Cut Above on a sponge wedge first, then applied the sponge to my nail to transfer this awesomeness Rose Gold glitter. It just sets it off!

Now, I can’t wear this in my military uniform, but this week I’m off. So, I’ll be sporting this nail look all week-long!

Do you have any good Rose Gold nail polish suggestions, or what Rose Gold products do you have that you’ve been loving on?



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