MAC Angel Dupe

MAC Angel Dupe anyone?

MAC Angel dupe

MAC’s Angel is one of my year-round favorite lipsticks to date. I always have at least two on hand at all times. Even though I have a TON of other lipsticks to choose from, I can’t ever run out of this shade.

When I went on one of my CVS runs to pick up my recent Rimmel lipstick purchases for Kate Moss lipstick in 08, I saw Rimmel’s Kate Moss lipstick in 101 and thought it does looks very similar to MAC’s Angel and grabbed one to give it a go.

MAC’s Angel is described as: a soft pink with a frost finish.

Rimmel’s Kate Moss 101 is described as: a soft pink in a matte finish.

From the descriptions you can automatically see they have different finishes. Which is very noticeable when you wear them on your lips, but the shades are quite the same.

I had to keep doing double takes when i was uploading the pictures.

Here is MAC Angel

MAC Angel lipstick

You can kinda see in the picture of the frost finish on my lips.

Now here’s a picture of Rimmel’s Kate Moss 101

Rimmel Kate Moss 101 lipstick

Rimmel’s Kate Moss 101 lipstick is just a basically drier version of MAC’s Angel.

Now a picture with the Angel on top and Rimmel 101 on the bottom

MAC Angel dupe

So if you’re looking for a Matte version of MAC Angel, then you should definitely pick up Rimmel’s Kate Moss 101 lipstick.

Swatches on my arm they look slightly different with Rimmel 101 on the left and MAC Angel on the right

MAC Angel dupe


rimmel 101

What do y’all think? Is Rimmel Kate Moss 101 lipstick a MAC Angel dupe?

Until next time Dolls!



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