May Blogging Beauty Desk Challenge

Good Morning my Beauties!

Today is the start of a NEW month and I’ve seen a lot of bloggers posting about this challenge.   The May Bloggers Challenge.  It’s really just to challenge ourselves to stay committed to our blogging life and at the same time, it’s a relaxing and sometimes stress reliever for some.  To get our words out there so they’re not bottled up in our crazy minds. Whatever your niche is, write about something. Anything!

beauty blogger challenge

I know that since I’ve started blogging, I haven’t had a month that I posted every single day. So, I know this is gonna be a definitely a challenge for me.  Being a single mother of two great kiddos, an active duty Air Force member, supervisor and Flight Chief, home keeper, chef to my kiddos, homework checker, Pinterest addict, and a total prime time tv show addict.

We shall see how this goes!

What you’ll most likely see from me this month:

  • Beauty product reviews (of course!!)
  • Nail polish swatches
  • Nail care
  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Randomness
  • New releases
  • Monthly Beauty Box unveilings
  • And a bunch more randomness! 😉

I may need some motivation from all of y’all!!

No really, who else wants to take on this challenge with me?  Let’s keep each other motivated!!

What things would you like to see from me this month?  Leave it in the comment section so I can see your suggestions! 



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2 comments on “May Blogging Beauty Desk Challenge

  1. I would like more random personal posts! Maybe so post on how it is to be an Active Duty Air force Pilot and single mother. Tips on how to handle the stress! etc. My son-in-law is an active duty Army Warrant Officer. I look forward to all your posts.

    1. Oh Girl, I’m not a pilot. Lol. I’m guessing you got that because I said I’m a Flight Chief. Flight Chief is when I’m in charge of a department and my staff (personnel).

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