I love ordering from Missha.  I love the asian style appearance and asian skincare. Plus the FREE samples they send you of their other products.

My latest order is the Misa Cho Bo Yang Emulsion.  The ginseng is what really attracted me to it since I used up a sample of my Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream.  The Sulwhasoo Ginseng Cream full sized jar is $220!!!! For 60 ml’s!!

So yea, this frugal beauty girl is NOT spending that much for a cream regardless!   I would seriously have to win the jackpot lotto before I spend that kind of money on a beauty face cream.  Who’s with me??

Here’s the gorgeousness of Misa Cho Bo Yang Emulsion


It’s a 100 ml bottle for $28!

The cost is much more to my liking.

It basically does the same thing for cheaper and for more product.

The Missha website says this about Misa Cho Bo Yang Emulsion:

Carefully selected traditional oriental medicine is combined with potent Wild Ginseng to firm up skin and minimize the visible effects of skin aging. Deer Antler Velvet pampers skin with lush moisturizers to increase elasticity and improve suppleness. Also pure gold ingredient penetrates deeply into skin to purify and brighten up skin tone.

I love the packaging and all the freebies they sent.

Just look at the cap of the bottle.

misa cho bo yang emulsion

Here’s the back of it.  I have absolutely no idea what it says since it’s written in  Korean I believe.

misa cho bo yang emulsion

It has a pump, which I love about creams.  I really don’t like having to dip my fingers inside a jar and possibly inserting germs in it. It pumps out a perfect amount.  I used 2 pumps for my face.

misa cho bo yang emulsion

I have combination but more on the oily side.  I put this on today after my shower and under my Hourglass Immaculate foundation and I had no oil peeking out.  So, this passes the test for oily skin usage.

Here’s everything that they sent me and I will be trying every single last bit of them.

Missha Misa Cho Bo Yang Emulsion

Even though today is my 1st usage of this, I’m loving it already.

Until next time Dolls

Have you purchased anything from Missha that you absolutely love?



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