My Mother’s Day Gifts

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day 2017

I want to wish all you mommies a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all have a beautiful and relaxing day ahead! I’m blessed to have two great kiddos and now a new mommy to my beloved adopted Yorkie.

My daughter went out shopping last weekend for my Mother’s Day gift. I think I’m pretty easy to shop for, but my daughter says otherwise. Bless her heart.

She said she wanted to get me the new Benefit Cheek Parade palette that I’ve been eyeing, but unfortunately our local Sephora was out of stock. 😣 She got me the next best thing though. SHOES!! Vans to be exact. She knows I love pink and anything rose gold so she scooped me up some of the Vans Old Skool Mono canvas Peach Blush shoes! They’re simple, yet chic! You can never go wrong with that!  She waited a few days but she couldn’t wait any longer to give them to me. Of course, I love them.

Pink Vans shoes for women

The next gift is really a family gift. We have been searching for a puppy, which seems like forever. She’s been searching online on adoption sites and she found one and filled out an application for him. I was at work when I received an email notification saying that they received my application. She filled out all of the blocks as if she was me. After several back-and-forth emails with the puppy adoption agency, we were approved to adopt our newest family member. I’m happy to introduce to you Romeo Valentino. 

Romeo the Yorkie @Romeo_Valentino_the_Yorkie

He is so adorable. He is well-behaved, playful, loving, and potty trained!

I went out and bought his essentials, like dog food, collar/leash, dog bed, potty pads, and snacks.

This morning my son had a soccer game and the soccer complex doesn’t allow pets in there so we had to leave Romeo at home. I laid out one of his potty pads before we left. When we came home, we noticed that he took care of his business on the pad. I didn’t know he was potty trained until that moment.

We’ve been taking him out after he drinks and eats so he can handle his business and taking him on walks. I was ecstatic when I found out he used a potty pad while we were gone.

Romeo the Yorkie @Romeo_Valentino_the_Yorkie

I’m such a dork and actually created him his own Instagram account so everyone can follow him now and join him on his new journey with his new forever family.

Romeo the Yorkie @Romeo_Valentino_the_Yorkie

I love this little puppy to no ends! Today, we just chilled and cuddled on the couch. He followed me everywhere. I don’t know if you loves me more or my couch more? Whichever it is, I just love him being near me.

I also ordered him a harness and a scannable dog tag from Amazon, so I should be getting those in the mail on Monday. I love having Amazon Prime!

If anyone has any suggestions on amazing dry puppy food, please comment below.

All in all, I absolutely love my Mother’s Day gifts!

What did all of y’all get for Mother’s Day and how are you going to spend this day?

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