My Nail Polish wall rack

I just wanted to introduce you all to my nail polishes new best friend and beauty cave addition.

nail polish wall rack

Yes, I’m super EXCITED!!

I know they’re not in order and organized by color shades at the moment but I just wanted to make sure everything fitted and I will go back later and organize it better.

I am in love with the nail polish wall rack style!  But unfortunately,  the bottom part of the wall rack is not flushed to the wall like its supposed to be so it’s not stable to keep on the wall.  I will be looking for another one hopefully in this type of style, because the company (Beauticom) from Amazon wants me to ship this back to them so they can see whats wrong with it after I sent them pictures. Then they’ll send me a new one.

Nail polish container
Nail polish container

That’s too much money out of my pocket and time wasted.

My new goal I want to achieve before the end of the year is to fill a nail polish rack just like this one up with nothing but Zoya nail polishes!!

So, all my Zoya friends, I hope you hear me loud and clear…I WANT MORE NAIL POLISHES! 😉 I’m jus’ sayin’

I know I’m gonna have to order another one of these from somewhere else because I still have to get the new Bubbly & Tickled Zoya nail polish collections.

Well my Beautiful Dolls, I hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!


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