My New Work Out Program with Emily Skye

Man oh Man, where has the time gone?

I’ve been seriously slacking on my blog posts.

Well, where do I begin??

I guess with New Years Eve….

See what had happened was…I reconnected with an old friend, Jason, from 18 years ago that was hanging out with my life-long friend Mike that was also stationed with us in England.

I met up with them and it was a constant connection. We have literally been inseparable since.

I normally don’t go out and party but I’m sure as hell glad that I did that night!

Here’s a picture of our New Year’s Kiss!

FilipinaMacBarbie Love

If you would have told us then (18 years ago) that in 18 years that we’d end up together and fall in love, we would have laughed our arshes off!

Well, in the meantime of us being inseparable, I’ve put on the infamous “relationship pounds.”

So, we’re pretty big on going to the gym together and working out. We motivate each other.

This week, I’ve purchased the Emily Skye Fit 1 & Fit 2 phases of her workout plans/routines.

I’ve always seen her videos posted on my Facebook feed and thought, “The Hell With It! I’m going to purchase it!”

emily skye workouts

She has all these great workouts and shows each exercise in detail through videos.

I’ve completed Day 1 & 2 so far. I’ll post my thoughts and before and after (hopefully progression) pictures every two weeks and let you take a look to see if it’s something you’d like to get for myself.

If y’all have some good toning and trimming tips, please share!!

It’s beach season here in Florida and I have to get my body in tip-top bikini ready shape!

I promise that I will post way more often than I have been!



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One comment on “My New Work Out Program with Emily Skye

  1. That’s a sweet magical kiss right there! And I think it’s pretty one among to blame why you had those extra pounds. Haha! You are a lovely couple and motivating each other to work out is just so cute and sweet. 🙂 By the way, indoor exercises are great but I prefer outdoor activities with my kids like stroller jogging, running and walking together. Aside from having a more enthusiastic and fun environment to work out, the sunshine is also their to share us Vit. D. 🙂 Great inspiring post anyway. Cheers! 🙂

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