My Yorkie Romeo’s New Accessories

My Yorkie Romeo’s New Accessories

Romeo Valentino the Yorkie New Yorkie Accessories

If you read my last post about Mother’s Day, then you know that we added a new member to the family, Romeo Valentino. Before picking him up, I went to one of our local pet stores to see what all I needed and prices. I ended up leaving the store empty handed because I wanted to shop around and compare. I had the basics already but wanted to start getting the cute accessories. The prices at my local pet store was too high in my opinion.
When we brought him home, I had to search on Amazon to check out what pet accessories they had and compared. I found a cute comfortable harness and a digital dog tag.

The harness is a soft mesh and padded vest from a company called Pupteck for $13. The plain ol’ basic harnesses that I saw at my local pet store cost even more than that. I’m glad I waited to check on Amazon. I love my 2-day delivery Amazon Prime account!

I ordered the x-small for my almost 6 lb. Yorkie. I bought the cream plaid one that pretty much resembles Burberry. They do have a few other colors to choose from. I wanted to pick one that is neutral and he could wear everyday.

PupTeck Yorkie harness Romeo Valentino the Yorkie

It was super easy to put on him. All I had to do was adjust the strap

  • Size: X-Small – Chest Girth 9″-13″, Neck Girth 8.5″. 
  • Material: Made from 100% polyester, durable breathable air-mesh material, and soft to touch.
  • Safe: The back buckle and strap are tested to provide additional security to the fastener strap.
  • Comfortable: Vest type, humanization design, without irreducible, it is not going to hurt when running.
  • Fashion: Classic plaid pattern, fashion logo design, it is great for your pets when walking, running, and hiking.

It was super easy to put on him. I just put his head through the neck portion of the harness and then put his left leg through the leg hole and adjusted the strap and snapped the fastener together. Easy peasy!

The next accessory I knew I had to get was a dog tag. The one that caught my eye was a blue circular one with two paw prints on it. It’s from PINMEI. It’s a scannable QR Code Pet ID tag made with zine alloy and powered by PetHub.

Pinmei PetHub ID Yorkie dog tag

Technology is pretty awesome these days! Look at Romeo reading the instruction card…his ear perked up.Yorkie dog tagOne side is blue with the two paw prints and the other side has your personalized QR Code.
When you go to the PetHub website, you will register your ID tag code and answer a few questions. It took me no longer than 5 minutes to complete the process.

The “Basic” package comes with your dog tag for free with the below items marked with an asterisk (*) next to it. You can upgrade to get the other features.Yorkie Dog Tags

You can also set what you want others to see if your fur baby gets lost and someone scans his/her tag. Yorkie dog tag

I think this is great option and may be quicker than them going to a vet to see if they can find the owner. All someone needs is a smart phone that has a QR code reader. Plus, it only cost $10 from Amazon!

I tested it out for myself to see what someone would see if they scanned his dog tag and it also gives them the option to send you an email as well.

Here’s my two sons…my son likes to be goofy and he took out the lens from these 3D glasses from the cinema.Romeo Valentino the Yorkie

What other types of accessories do you suggest for Romeo?

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