Nail Problems- What’s a Girl To Do

So, this happened last weekend! 😣😭

Broken nails

I must have had a blast at my friend’s promotion party last weekend because this is what I woke up to. And no, there was no fighting involved…other than arguing with my guy, but no throwing bows with anyone.

I was so heartbroken when I saw this mess! My beautiful babies! Didn’t I pamper and give you all the attention you needed? Why? Why?

I seriously thought for a long while trying to decide what I was going to do.

Should I just file those two nails down and keep the rest long and walk around with my fingernails looking jacked up and uneven? Or should I do the unthinkable and cut them all to the same length? I don’t even know when the last time I had nails this short?!

It was a long thought process and deliberation but I finally caved in!

Zoya Megan nail polish swatch

They’re minis. My pride and joys turned against me.

I cut and filed them all down! My nails were even tough to cut through, so I don’t know how those two nails broke on their own.

There was an open bar and lots of taquila. But where did my nails go??

So, my first showcase of my short nails has two coats of Zoya’s Megan and topped off with a coat of top coat.

It’s a taupe grey nail polish that lavender shows through.

I picked this color for the weekend because of Easter and Spring, but right now in Florida, it’s rainy and gloomy.

Zoya Megan nail polish

I’m still shocked on how short they are though. It’s going to take time to get used to. Typing on my keyboard at work felt awkward. I can’t pick the food out of my teeth anymore. It’s just weird.

Well, here’s to waiting for my nails to grow back.

What would you do if you woke up with broken nails?

Until next time…

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