Natural Looking French Manicure using Zoya Tip Perfector

Natural Looking French Manicure using Zoya Tip Perfector

Zoya Tip Perfector

I haven’t worn a French Manicure look in ages!

I have had the Zoya Naked Manicure set for a while and I recently just bought the Zoya Tip Perfector.  I didn’t want to use a plain bright pure white nail polish like their Purity nail polish.

The Zoya Tip Perfector is a soft sheer white that mimics a natural look.

In the manicure that I gave myself, I used Zoya Pink Perfector, Zoya Tip Perfector, and Zoya Satin Seal Top Coat.

The Pink Perfector gave my nails a healthy pink glow to brighten and make my nail beds lookin good.

Here’s my nails in all its naturalness. Yes, I know that’s technically not a word but I’m using it.

Bare natural nails before Zoya pink perfector


Now you see why I’m always looking out for awesome nail polishes.

Now, using the Zoya Pink Perfector, my nails come out looking like this below.

Zoya Naked Manicure Pink Perfector

Looks WAY better with the Pink Perfector on my fingernails.

Now here’s a side by side with my bare natural nails and my nails with Zoya Pink Perfector.

Zoya Pink Perfector Before and After

The Pink Perfector definitely helped my natural nails look a little healthier and masked the yellow tinting of my natural nails.

After I let the Pink Perfector dry, I put on two coats of the Tip Perfector on the free edge of my nails.  I haven’t mastered the trick to only do one coat yet to make it look even more natural.  I can’t get the Tip Perfector polish to be even enough with it setting even but I’m going to keep trying, but for this post, I’m just going to go off with two coats that I used. It still looks beautiful to me without looking too fake.

Zoya Tip Perfector

What do you think?

Mind you that I did this manicure a little after midnight.

After I let the Tip Perfector dry, I topped it off with the Zoya Satin Seal polish to blur out the imperfections and level my nail plates.

The Zoya Satin Seal Top Coat is a ground breaking formula that provides the closest to natural nail finish possible.  It’s unique bi-phrasal product optically blurs imperfections, blends pigment, levels the nail plate and locks all layers of the manicure with a long wearing satin seal.  It contains UP filters to prevent yellowingredients and to shield from free radicals.   To activate the bi-phrasal formula, you need to roll the bottle gently between your hands for about 20 seconds before you apply to polish to your nails.

I personally love how they came out but I will continue to try to perfect the use of the Tip Perfector with using only new coat to make them look even more natural.

Here’s the end result with the Before and After shots of my natural bare nails and with the Tip Perfector.

Before & After Zoya Tip Perfector French Manicure

So what do you think about the end result?


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